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At $73M this is the worlds largest private jet

Canadian company Bombardier has given the world a sneak peek at their largest ever Corporate Jet in the Global 7000 test program: the Architect also referred to as FTV4. FTV4 is the first Global 7000 aircraft to be showcased at a public event and is the first flight test vehicle equipped with a cabin interior. ( Mehr...

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donhun1313 5
Reads like an add for the G7000

A G7000 far from the worlds largest corporate jet. I have personally seen everything from a 737 to a 747 configured for private use. If you go to Boeing's BBJ website you can have a 747-8, 777, or 787 right off the factory floor in business jet configuration
canuck44 1
This is just parsing words:Bombardier is saying this is the largest aircraft specifically designed, built and marketed as a business jet while you are comparing it to airline aircraft converted for business use. A converted A-388 is hardly a "business jet"
Highflyer1950 1
You should re-read the post at least two more times and then post that you now understand what you read?


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