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US airlines plan to enforce new rules on smart bags

Travelers looking to use their fancy new smart luggage may soon face a hard time getting the bags on a plane due to safety concerns about their batteries. According to CNN, American, Delta and Alaska Airlines have all announced that starting January 15th, passengers checking smart luggage will have to remove the lithium-ion batteries (or keep them powered down if traveling in the cabin). The site also says that United Continental and Southwest Airlines both plan to announce similar policies… ( Mehr...

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1BabyGirl 3
It's okay and even a good idea to improve on products and services for people. Smart luggage is one of those good things. At the same time, these types of batteries have in the past and continue to have the potential to be a serious hazard. Despite what the company that makes and sells these says about safety, they need to be banned on all commercial unless or until they have been tested enough and declared safe by the FAA--period. The guy or gal sitting next to me might like having secure baggage and may have payed a high price for them. But he or she has no right to possibly put my life and countless others at risk for their own piece of mind. Foolish to do otherwise.
Sad when the bags are smarter than the passengers!!
I was wondering about this issue..its convenient for a traveler,but seeing what happened with cell phones,this could be a probleme...


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