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First A330 MRTT Tanker Delivered to NATO

Airbus delivers the first A330 MRTT tanker as its operational footprint grows. ( Mehr...

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Dennis Dulac 5
Hopefully Airbus has better success with this refueler than Boeing and it's disaster with the KC-46.
Roy Hunte 2
It's proven variant the KC30 is currently in use in Australia and The UK.
As well as France, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates.
I seem to get the impression that almost everything new the Air Force tries to manage turns into a mess. Is it because they can't agree on changes or freeze the project. Didn't they specify a some new concept for the fuel probe on the KC-46 which didn't work? Too bad because the AF has been waiting for ever to a replacement tanker.
Tom Pera 2
I think they try to "gold-plate" everything instead of sticking to "tried and true" ... how can they and Boeing screw up a tanker?? and the F35 has taken what? 15 years of development and still many systems don't was supposed to be a light fighter replacement for the F16 but the AF tried to add everything under the sun to it
James Driskell 1
That's exactly my point. The Air Force Brass in conjunction with the defense contractors are the problem. I think I remember a senior AF procurement civilian being locked up over an incident where she steered contracts to Boeing.

Better put line officers in charge. They know the needs and what works.
Alan Macdonald 3
But didn't the AF/DoD already select the KC-30 until Boeing went crying to Congress


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