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'Our airplanes are safe,' Boeing says as officials push training

Aviation authorities in Indonesia and India on Thursday pushed for more simulator training for Boeing Co 737 MAX pilots following the deadly Lion Air crash, while the world's largest planemaker reiterated that its top-selling jetliner was safe. Boeing Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg told a CNBC interviewer on Thursday he was "very confident" in the safety of the 737 MAX, the newest version of a jet that has been a fixture of passenger travel for decades. (www.yahoo.com) Mehr...

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Taylor Beck 4
Well I will just say what everybody is too scared to be honest about but that part of the world sucks with regards to aviation. Period.
linbb 8
Seems someone signed off on the repair and the lack of quality and proper repair is what killed everyone as if there had been a part replacement with a known good one problem would have been solved and test flown without passengers.
But third rate airline at the best and poor oversite is not unusual look at AI and there problems with there new Boeing AC couldn't keep them flying for some time.
bob elmar 1
I am scheduled to fly on a Air Canada 737 Max8 in a few days, after reading this I am considering to cancel to flight due to safety concerns..., any advice would be very welcome!
Elevator trim changes on large aircraft have always had some kind of visual or aural indication of travel. In this case no visual or aural indication was presented to the pilots to indicate that the system was taking action.
Jamar Jackson 1
Becareful on airlines from Asia. Remember the 777 crashed at SFO some years back. Or that 777 they never found,
btweston -1
It will be a truly sad day when the United States experiences it’s first plane crash.
Jamar Jackson 1
It will happen in the USA. But not as much as it will happen with airlines on countries on the Asian continent. They seem to loose control of the automation and aircraft to often. The airplane gets ahead of them stalling a perfectly flying 777 on landing in VFR DAY.
btweston 0
That has happened here and in other western countries. Harping on Asia makes you look like a dumb guy.
Jamar Jackson 1
Pull up any list of the most dangerous airlines most of them are Asian airlines including Lion air. Check your facts instead of what I look like.
btweston 0
What I wrote was based on fact. It was not based on clickbait lists.

What’s your angle?


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