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Embraer-Boeing aviation deal blocked by Brazilian court

A Brazilian federal court on Thursday granted an injunction blocking the proposed tie-up between U.S. planemaker Boeing Co and Embraer SA , a deal the Brazilian company says is crucial to its survival. Embraer shares in Sao Paulo closed 2.42 percent lower, although it remained too early to say whether the injunction will actually block or significantly affect the deal. Labor groups in Brazil often bring court challenges against significant business deals and the injunction could be reversed. The… ( Mehr...

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vprieto2604 0
The injunction has already been suspended. Let's watch the next moves in this deal.
Steve Western -1
After the AirBus-Bombardier marriage EMB and Boeing were bound for the alter also. I’m a anti-monopoly Guy, I saw nothing positive coming out of the United-Continental, Delta-and Northwestern-Western unionss, from a PA standpoint and I see nothing positive about combining 4 builders into 2. Little has been written about the amount of stock shares going to Quebec, the city of Montreal, the Canadian government as a result of the $2 billion given to Bombardier to get the C-series produced. I haven’t numbers on the Bombardier employees to be retained. The company recently laid off 12,000 to go along with earlier layoffs of 12,000 and 8,000. How can a company move on after these layoffs, we’re they that overemployed? Likewise what will EMB do with their plants and staffing?
indy2001 -2
If it's like the US, this is some publicity-starved liberal judge who wants to see his name in the media. Hopefully higher courts will permanently overturn the injunction and the new President will see to it that this deal is completed. It would be too bad if Embraer was left to go it alone. Although I despise the early ERJ135/145 model, the newer E175/195 is great. It's considerably more comfortable than an Airbus 319/320/321 or a Boeing 737.
vprieto2604 -2
The partnership is a win-win if it's done correctly. Leftist governments in Brazil used to see any initiative with US companies as near-treason. Hopefully this is over.


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