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Airlines are doing away with middle seats and beverage service

Fliers in the United States have gotten used to bringing their own food, but now they'll have to bring their own beverages, too. Major US airlines are implementing substantial changes to the few free things passengers still receive on airplanes, including drinks and snacks, because of the coronavirus pandemic. (www.cnn.com) Mehr...

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ADXbear 4
Stay F ing home. Dont be part of the problem...
patrick baker 3
damn sure removing middle seat is still within 6 feet zone of avoidance. Also seats behing and ahead are easily within 6 feet. Nice try....
Roger Anderson 1
This is barely social distancing. I'm guessing they're hoping the AC does a bit to get rid off the air quickly.
Ra1n 1
Most, if not all, modern airliners replace the entire volume of cabin air with fresh air around 15 times per hour.
Ra1n 2
Random somewhat related follow up since I can't edit my comment:

The various surfaces you touch while on the plane (seat belt buckles, tray tables, ect) are the biggest risk in my opinion. Fiddling with the tray and then scratching an itch on your face is a larger issue than simply sitting near someone especially because it appears many people are asymptomatic. This has been the case even before COVID-19.

I've heard from a few people who have traveled in the US recently and the planes were near empty (3 passengers in one case!). Luckily, from the standpoint of preventing the spread of the virus, most people simply are not traveling!
Bill Fairweather 1
I can't have more than 3 oz of shampoo in my carry-ons, but 12 oz of some supposedly digestible liquid is ok?
Scott Campbell 1
No you'll have to 5 dollars for a can of coke in the airport
Charlie Roberts 1
Can't bring the fluids from outside through security....once past security numerous shops and restaurants offer take-out and to go for you to enjoy in the spacious seat of your flight.
Bill Fairweather 0
I guess the concessionaires in the airplane part making enough money already.


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