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South Korea Just Unveiled Its New Fighter Jet. It Looks Awfully Familiar.

South Korea has unveiled the first fighter jet indigenous to the Korean peninsula. The KF-21 Boramae (“Falcon”) will replace older fighters in the Republic of Korea Air Force. ( Mehr...

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patrick baker 0
not exactly thrilled by the barrier to see this story, either in the "you gotta pay to join to see this and all the other marelous stuff we got" or the "remove add blocker" barrier either. This is unseemly for such a classy site populated by avid aviation fans...They should drop their barriers, and maybe we will, maybe we won't become paying customers to them. If FlightAware becomes a pay for view site, of course i shall pay, for this is one of my daily habits, several times a day, habit.
sparkie624 2
What are you all seeing... I went to the link and saw the entire article without asking for anything, and I didn't subscribe!
sparkie624 2
If I see that, I don't even post them here!
It blocked me at first, but changing to reader view worked (works about half the time or so).

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bentwing60 1
Went straight to the site, despite my big tech offending ad blocker and will add this jewel of a story from the site accessed on the first click,

Thanks sparkie.


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