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Lufthansa replicates sharkskin to boost fuel efficiency of cargo jets

Lufthansa Cargo, Lufthansa Technik and BASF have partnered to develop a new coating for aircraft to make them slip through the air with less friction. ( Mehr...

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Bob Kamman 2
"When burned in the engine, the same amount of carbon dioxide is released that was previously removed from the atmosphere during the original growth of the plants."

That's right. Blame it all on the plants. But couldn't the same be said about fossil fuels?
Roy Hunte -1
Ha, the problem is that plants survive on Carbon dioxide. Not sure what that climate goat was trying say...
Harry Ellett -1
The negative marks by my comments do not bother me at all. However, I am not a person writing about something I know nothing about, I am 83 years old now and I have not been a causal reader about the climate subject. I have been very seriously studying the subject for more than 20 years. Have been reading and studying material from scientist from all over the world. I have also read a lot of material on the subject written by NASA. For years I worked for a company who was a NASA contractor and I still know people currently employed by NASA. Of all the comments here by others just shows how little they know and understand of the subject.

Mr. Roy Hunte's comments are the only response that is correct. Thank you Mr. Hunte.

People who are depending on information from the main-stream-media on the subject of climate are just lost. If that is where your information comes from, you know nothing.

Weather the Earth's temperature gets warmer or colder has nothing to do with CO2. CO2 is what feeds green growing things, rain forest, other forest, farm crops and so on. Since the oxygen we breathe is produced by the green plants of the Earth, the CO2 is necessary for them to live and produce that oxygen. So, without the CO2 there would be no oxygen and no food crops from the Earth. No grass or grain for cattle to feed on meaning no meat for humans to eat.

Your comments about CO2 only show your lack of knowledge about how and why life thrives on this Earth.

When the creator created this Earth, the essential thing he created to sustain that life is CO2. Without it there would be no live here on Earth.

Someone mentioned the Ice Core samples being studied. I have read some of those ice core studies and from those studies we know at times throughout the history of the Earth CO2 levels on Earth have been as high as 4,000 ppm (parts per million) and there were lush green covering most of the Earth. So the current level of only 420 ppm is a very low CO2 level. If CO2 levels were much higher today than they are, green vegetation would begin to grow around the deserts of the world. Speaking of NASA, there satellite images of today do show some getting greener about our Earths deserts. Folks, that is because of an increase of CO2 in our atmosphere.

When I first began to study this subject, Earths CO2 was at a much lower level. I have been very happy to see that increase in the CO2 levels.

If younger and in better health, I could put on a seminar on this subject but unfortunately, I am no longer younger and neither am I in good health.

There is so much more............
Harry Ellett -6
Carbon Dioxide or CO2, is not the villain in our atmosphere. It DOES NOT cause global warming. The amount of CO2 in our atmosphere is very minuscule. Currently is measures only about 420 ppm (parts per million), such a very tiny amount. Only about 4 percent of that CO2 in our atmosphere is made by man and if man stopped all of his input world wide it would have no effect on our atmosphere. On the other hand, our Earth produces about 96 percent of the CO2 in our atmosphere. Nature puts it there largely by volcanic eruptions both undersea and surface volcanoes.

The very most important thing to know about CO2 is that without it, life could not exist on this Earth. That is correct, life could not exist on this Earth without CO2. People who study real science are aware of this. However the global warming alarmist only listen to the propaganda put out by the UNIPPC.

Man should stop trying to take it out of our atmosphere. If they are ever successful, human and animal life could cease to exist on this planet Earth.

Does anyone know when and who first declared CO2 a pollutant? I do know because I read and keep up with what our government and scientist are doing. CO2 was never called a pollutant from the creation of Earth until December of 2009. Well then, who declared it a pollutant for the very first time ever? It was President Obama's EPA chief who in December of 2009 officially declared CO2 a pollutant. After that declaration in December of 2009 the entire world began to call it a pollutant. This is a fact that you can research and easily find on the internet.
MuricanAviation 10
You are right that we can't live without CO2 in our atmosphere. Without it, it would Earth would be too cold and life as we know today would not be possible. There are years of climate records from ice cores and rock cores that prove this. However, there is also large amounts of past climate data that shows the amount of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere does play a factor in the climate of the Earth. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Even in small amounts, it traps sunlight and heat within the atmosphere and increases temperature.

Climate change is a big threat to us. While aviation isn't the biggest contributor to total CO2 emissions, it still plays a role in it. It is good to see airlines and manufacturers strive for more efficient technologies because it is better for the environment and in the long run, better for our wallets.

Here is a link for climate change data if you are interested in science and facts of it:
Roy Hunte -3
Climate change is not a threat to us, what a load of BS. Those who think CO2 is a problem should stop breathing, humans and animals breathe out CO2. The CO2 haters should stop breathing if they want to stop CO2 emissions.
Alex Sullivnan 3
This has nothing to do with breathing. Humans and animals breathing out CO2 is generally sustainable by plants. Its just when we add to that load we get problems, on top of cutting down trees and plants that help remove this extra CO2 from the atmosphere.

What Lufthansa is doing is awesome and I hope other airlines follow suit. Carbon neutrality should be a goal. I love aviation and the sound of the mighty GE90 as much as you guys, but I'm not going to deny climate change is a problem and aviation is contributing to it. Things need to be done and if we keep doing things like what Lufthansa is doing then it will help curb it while still allowing commercial aviation to exist. Plus, its also helping them save money in the long term, which will lower ticket prices.

Please stop denying climate change. The evidence is around us. You don't even need to look it up, with more extreme weather in recent years its clear that things aren't the same as they used to be.


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