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ExpressJet to Resume Operations

ExpressJet Airlines says it will resume service “within the quarter” after the US Department of Transportation (DOT) granted the regional carrier permission to restart commercial operations under its own brand. Atlanta-based ExpressJet had shuttered in September 2020 after United Airlines terminated its exclusive flying agreement with the airline. It applied to the DOT for recertification on 15 April, saying at the time it planned to fly point-to-point routes to underserved cities that had lost… ( Mehr...

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Clay Clayton 5
Used to love their service when they flew independently. Flew them regularly RDU>MSY. Flights were times perfectly for business, reasonable cost, and a hot meal!
c k 4
I missed that Acey callsign.
patrick baker 6
i say "welcome back- i missed you"..I flew them Kansas City to Louisville frequently, and besides the nice crew members, i remember FOster's australian beer for $1 a can. I had several . Depending on routes, i expect to be a passenger again, and a beer drinker aloft once again.
Robert Cowling 5
They sold Fosters? Wow! I haven't seen that in, forever. Loved Aussie 'oil can' brew.

When I was in Australia, I asked for a Fosters. The bartender said, 'We don't have that piss here, we send it to America. We got 4X, and it'll do!' It was awesome. I've run into only one incident where XXXX Gold has been seen.

But I miss Fosters. I do NOT miss Vegemite. *BARF*

I flew Express Jet quite a few times to myself. Just get me to the destination, that's all I ask.
Robert Cowling -8
And, thank Ford for the real regionals: The ones that fly people from places no one has ever heard of, to places that everyone knows, so they can get to the rest of the world.

Small town air service is important, and now carries a danger in this pandemic era. *sigh*

Get vaccinated. Wear masks. Respect yourself by respecting others.
D.B. Warren 4
I have a feeling that ExpressJet will be going after alot of the college town airports as well as ESA routes... I'm hoping that maybe we'll even see them pick up routes out of BUF like ALB, PIT, or CVG
Pecos Llama 1
Wow, $1?! Were they mini-cans?!
patrick baker 6
full size cans- cold beer, or beahr like the aussies say
ADXbear 3
I have to buy a subscription to flight global to read the article.. but good for Expressjet

D.B. Warren 3
Sorry about that... it was the only link to the article I could get to work on here...
Peter Fuller 2
Here’s another article (on a site that lets me read 3 free articles before the paywall goes up):
James Cox 2
Let's not forget to thank Skywest for screwing over Expressjet by terminating the Delta contract early, selling the airline and then taking the aircraft and flying for itself.


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