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Supersonic jet startup Boom putting factory in North Carolina, expects passenger flights by 2029

Boom, the Denver-based startup company developing what could be the first supersonic airliner since the Concorde, will build a factory at the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, state government officials confirmed to ABC11. ( Mehr...

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Roy Hunte 2
There is no engine ready for it yet....
coinflyer 2
I think the name is an unfortunate choice. The first time one of them goes boom!— into a mountainside or whatever, they'll never hear the end of it. The press and social media will have a field day with the name and it'll be so tainted they'll have to change it after the fact. Just because supersonic means sonic 'boom' was a silly reason to name the company that. I pray my words don't echo into the future, and I jinx this outcome.
Chris B 1
They could call it Sonic, but that would get mixed up with a hedgehog....
Roy Hunte 1
Hot Air.
patrick baker -1
this "vision supersonic airliner" cannot be acceptable if any consideration to the atmospheric destruction it must cause is acknowledged. Simply to indulge self important vip travelers who sense of the worth or their time is far, far more inportant than preserving the sancity of our upper atmosphere and its polution, and the effects on the weather upon planet earth. Which we all have to share and experience.
Torsten Hoff 1
Boom claims to be carbon neutral.
Peter Fuller 1
Yes, their website says “Overture’s fleet will be able to run on 100% sustainable aviation fuels.” That said, talk is cheap, we’ll see what actually happens. 2029 target for starting commercial passenger service seems aggressive, a lot can go wrong, both technically and financially, that would keep this thing from ever being more than a pipe dream.
harry frederick -1
T Patrick Baker. Lets get some perspective on your comments re pollution.If a 777 from LAX to HKG takes 12 hrs and a Boom aircraft flying the identical route takes 6 hours( with more modern, advanced and less polluting engines ) would the pollution footprint not be less? Many business folks just want to make their time away from wife and kids minimalized and if Boom can get them reunited 1 day earlier I am fine with that picture. Progress Mr. Baker


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