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One dead after severe turbulence hits Singapore Airlines flight

One person has died on board a Singapore Airlines plane that encountered severe turbulence on a flight from London to Singapore, the airline said Tuesday. ( More...

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jeff slack 10
When? Will passengers finally get it; seat belts are always on when seated.
Colin Seftel 9
Well done to the pilots who demonstrated their skill by recovering to stable flight from that situation. Let's also not forget Boeing who designed and built an aircraft able to withstand such severe flight conditions.
It's been reported elsewhere that the severely injured passengers were not wearing seat-belts. Passengers who think that the fasten seat-belt signs don't apply to them should take note.
linbb 4
Sad deal figured that was the case when flying mine is snug all the time. Used to be a private pilot and didnt have my belt tight enough and hit the roof. Changed that deal never again made sure any pax that few with me did the same.
Tim Dyck 3
I’ve been in some turbulence over the years but nothing like this. This is a good reminder to everyone to fasten their seatbelt snugly whenever your in your seat.
Ed Dickinson 5
Taxi at 10 mph,"remain seated with your seat belt securely fastened". 38,000 ft and 510 kts, "walk freely around the cabin". I understand using the restroom and flight attendants serving, but is it time to reevaluate?
Bryan Milton 2
It would be interesting to see positive suggestions on how to further protect passengers and crew from sudden severe turbulence whilst out of their seat.
The risk of in flight injury per passenger mile flown must be exceedingly low?
r mic 1
Then we will have more people dying from dvt then every would from turbulence.
On my most recent flight from BNE to YVR..I had to obviously use the washroom….as I sat confined thinking to my self that I would likely not get hurt in such a circumstance do to my size in that compacted in that confined space, I nonetheless thought how a safety strap of some kind could be utilized. For not only the safety aspect, but I’d had to get thrown about with my drawers down if you catch my drift!.
Appears better interior design to secure panels is needed - blow out etc. And...always wear seatbelt even when calm.
Based on the Flightaware data, the plane descended abruptly from 37K level flight to 31K prior to entering the cell that shows on radar. Timing might not be perfect but still intriguing. Was it weather or maybe something else....Downdraft is possible once in the cell but seemed this happened prior.
FR24 is saying otherwise the 370 to 310 difference was a standard descent. The turbulence event altitude deviation was relatively small, but happened very quickly
DracoVolantis 2
"abruptly" being around 10 minutes, and my understanding is that the descent was after or during the time that the turbulence was encountered. It was a controlled descent into another FL.
Is there any warning system in weather Radar to detect turbulence or such sudden change of pressure..??
citguy57 3
There is currently no system capable of detecting clear air turbulence. Convective or weather related turbulence is detectable with weather radar to a certain extent.
DracoVolantis 3
Apparently this was not a CAT incident. The area was thick with convective turbulence, and some of the activity might have been hidden behind the first visible layer of activity. Blancolirio channel had a good video on this:
Philip Rand -3
I wonder if this air pocket is a direct result of climate change, as one radio comentater here in Italy seemed to suggest.
Colin Seftel 2
Only indirectly, because rising atmospheric temperatures makes turbulence more frequent.
Philip Rand 1
and are intense?
alex hidveghy 4
Look up ITCZ for more info in that region!
Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone.
International pilots know all about this, as do I…..
Do tell...
Try Google or Wikipedia. I hear those are good sources to start with.
I’m sure you're capable, right?
DracoVolantis 2
These days, there seems to be a policy in newsrooms that *ANY* weather-related news MUST include the note that it was "probably caused by human-induced climate change".
alex hidveghy 2
Well, FWIW, I have not come across ANY reliable media reports (comics excluded and you know who they are). That have even mentioned climate change in relation to the SQ incident! You may want to look up ITCZ for more clues…….
Most is common sense but some people don’t have much of that either……
Please elaborate, blowhard...
Are you feeling alright? Or just a bit stoned?
Asking for a friend……
alex hidveghy 2
That was a professor at Reading University theorizing about climate change - NOT the newsroom or CNN! It’s very clear if you can read and understand English……the CNN report mentioned it. That’s all. Not anyone’s policy as you intimated.
CNN only talk to climate changers, Reading University, so what???
alex hidveghy 1
So what? Did you even read the article? Slowly? Tell me what it says. Word for word in that paragraph.
Your ruse isn’t working. Mountain out of a mole hill……
GSAD pal...

...your attitude sucks.
But yours is clearly above board? Gotcha.
Absolutely correct. Too much rain? Must be climate change. Too little rain? Must be climate change.


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