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ANALYSIS: After Years of Turbulence, Ultra-Low Cost Carriers Could Finally Take Flight in Canada

The allure of so-called ultra-low-cost carriers is clear to both passengers and airlines. For passengers, cheap flights have always been very attractive and evidence in the United States and Europe has shown that travellers are willing to undergo a fair amount of annoyance and discomfort, if the price is right. (www.cbc.ca) Mehr...

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s2v8377 3
Wonderful another market ruined by LCC's. I feel bad for Canada!!! It is so sad to see the continued decline of such a great industry throughout the world by LCC's. You compound the LCC's with the three "Evil Empire" carriers of the Gulf and the future looks pretty depressing.
Gilbert Mc Mullen 1
When I see this, the first thing that comes to my mind is safety and maintenance, they have to cut somewhere don't they...?


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