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Pilot Spots Home Being Burglarized

Pilot, while flying, spots two men robbing his home ( Mehr...

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Mr Aflac 0
@johndonaldson lol i totally agree with you. He sure got lucky!
Rodney Hoover 0
I knew a helicopter pilot who went by his house after covering a news story and happened to see some guys breaking into his house. He landed right there and had them put everything back. Thieves may do some bold things, but they weren't bold enough to tangle with this big guy!
Dave Purscell 0
Good catch. Love the value of GA.
AviatorLEO 0
From 'Law Officer" website:

He was not the pilot, however I believe it was the pilot who initially saw the odd activity, asked Steve Lynn [the passenger], and was able to assist law enforcement by giving turn-by-turn directions. Perhaps the pilot has a new part-time career. Great teamwork with a successful outcome!
alistairm 0
@Tim: You are joking right??

burglarized: past participle, past tense of bur·glar·ize
Verb: Enter (a building) illegally with intent to commit a crime, esp. theft.
Tim Patton 0
What does Burglarized mean
michaelleon59 0
Thank God he was there in time to catch these guys!
alistairm 0
"BAY, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas man who wanted to capture aerial photos of his home during his first plane ride instead helped catch two men burglarizing it." - The guy was not piloting the plane, he was a passenger.
Christopher Rea 0
i would have buzzed them. and called 911, "ahh hi, im flying my plane and i see these two guys robbing my house and Im buzzing them. can you get some cops over here"? haha
Ev Butler 0
What John said.
alistairm 0
Interesting. Though, the article never says that the man who's home was being burglarized, was piloting the plane. What i get from the article is that some dude wanting to see his home from an airplane, saw his home being burglarized... just as the title of the article says.
Dan Danny 0
What a lucky dude!!
Chip Hermes 0
Surely I'm not the only one that thinks this story sounds a little fishy.
Ev Butler 0
John, you are my hero!!
Troy Raiteri 0
Now that's something!
Aaron Barthol 0
I like the way you think John.
Toby Sharp 0
canuck44 0
We are now shooting feral hogs from the you suppose burglars might not be even better targets? They seem to breed as fast as the hogs, but you tend not to get attached to them...kind of like lawyers.


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