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Debris from New Boeing 787 engine sparks fire in SC

Federal officials are trying to determine why debris fell from the engine of a new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, starting a fire and forcing officials to shut down a South Carolina airport. The Post and Courier of Charleston reports ( ) that debris from the aircraft fell onto the runway at Charleston International Airport and into the grass Saturday, sparking a blaze that closed the airport for more than an hour. ( Mehr...

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Ted Morgan 4
I think this equipment is going to become one of the great airplanes. I hope this is not a serous flaw.
Gene Nowak 3
OK, who left their gloves or oily rags in the engine after mounting? Bet you it is an Airbus mole working on the assembly line.
tim mitchell 2
so that's were that wrench went
linbb 2
Naw it was one of the Union moles that got ground up while trying to put something into the engine.
btweston -3
I'm sure that there is solid evidence backing up that statement. Otherwise you wouldn't have said something like that, right?
ascrib 4
It sucks when someone who clearly has no sense of humor decides to reply to a thread based entirely on... humor.
preacher1 1
If it goes as that ATC thread did yesterday or day before, it will turn ugly and have all the Presidents, political parties and religion in here before it's over and FA will have to clean it up.LOL
tim mitchell 3
Lets just go on and drag all of the king's horses and all of the king's men into it too and maybe we can all put this country back together
preacher1 1
You know, I left before I heard the details but CBS National News this morning was reporting that there was an engine shed of some kind, not just crap left in there. I hate to start getting serious on a lighthearted post but that's what they said.
preacher1 1
I meant engine shred
Brian Bishop 2
Too bad that shed didn't fall in my yard, i need a place to keep my new mower.... :-)
cfwegman1 1
Brian is sharp, i don't care what his mom says !! ;-)
preacher1 1
Send me a friend request on FB. There ain't but 40-11 pages of BB's in the
preacher1 1
I hope you can use it. It's so hot and dry out here they are telling erverybody not to mow, afraid of a spark starting a fire. That's how that big one started last week, from a state bushhog mowing highway right of way
tim mitchell 1
tim mitchell 2
Now the questions are why did a brand new engine fall apart?...Was something not torqued properly?....Is this a design flaw that decided to show it's ugly head in this one engine?..My money is on something not being torqued properly.
Ted Morgan 1
This always intrigues me. I GO WITH improper torgue.
Oneontaky 1
I'll go with some change in design(CID) being needed. It happens on new engine designs.
Bernie20910 1
NTSB says it was a fan shaft failure.;lst;2
Gene spanos 1
And the Dream liners keep coming inbound...
Probably careless on someone's part....or incompetence.
Mark Lansdell 1
Where in the world did I leave that box wrench ?
Oneontaky 1
OR, I sure wish I would have shadowed my tool box.
Ronald Padgett 1
Da**, sorry, I was smoking back here and panicked. Hey, I thought you were a real cop!
Oneontaky 1
What are federal officials trying to determine? Don't they know what an engine part looks like?
OK, qui a oublie ses gants ou des chiffons huileux dans le moteur après le montage?


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