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Party’s Over for Entertaining on Corporate Jets, Says IRS

The Internal Revenue Service’s rules about corporate jets and non-business use, disallowing tax deductions for entertainment, are “overly burdensome,” said the National Business Aviation Association. ( Mehr...

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Tim Worley 4
The government's war on business aviation continues.
Jayden Hakunti 4
what's the big fuss? just turn entertaining into your business. and every trip is a business trip.
ibpilot72 6
That's a crock of crap. My biggest complaint is the same as mentioned in the article. If the plane is already going there, what difference does it make if I get to take my wife along on a trip, if the boss approved it? It's not like I went and asked my boss to use the plane for MY personal use to take my wife, or whoever, on a trip. More overreach by our evergrowing US Govt.
richard weiss 3
If some yokel at the IRS thinks they can out smart every accountant in the country, let them try. The answer would have to be an IRS agent sitting around at every airport, watching every airplane, and every passenger, and every piece of luggage... Wait a minute, they might just do it to stick to the man.
blake1023 1
Its called "Stimulus!" Don't give them any ideas haha!
stuartsm 1
Unfortunately, the burden of proof falls on the taxpayer, not the IRS. They don't have to prove who was on the flight, the taxpayer has to prove who wasn't on the trip. Make sure your spouse swipes a credit card somewhere in your hometown while you're away.
richard weiss 1
Ironic, isn't it. Our government is pushing the public in such a way as to make us all do criminal deeds to avoid unjust, unfair taxes. What are WE going to do about it?
Get a Congress that will write decent laws that make sense. The government agencies just do what Congress tells them.
8428N 2
Drop the IRS. Give us the FAIR TAX! No more patying with my clients in my Bonanza. Sorry folks, no more Avian Water and Ham and cheese sandwiches. Call your travel agents. Those triple 7s need just a bit more runway than the grass strip behind my shop! Hey maybe we could borrow the 47 while the kids are partying in Mexico!
James Brown 2
Oh fellows, come on. Bless our IRS and support them.
Forget even the theory of a fair tax, or flat tax, It won't ever happen.
If it did all the accountants, lawyers and IRS personnel would be unemployed to boost our unemployment rate a bit. Tut, tut.
ltcjra 1
Thanks for the article; that is clear as mud!!!
Another poorly written article. Lots of fluff and not much substance. Typical word bite for a TV news shot. Stir the pot, but never any real specifics.
tim mitchell 1
Does this include Angel Flight and Pilots for Christ flight?????
ibpilot72 1
And Corporate Angel Network flights for that matter?


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