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Era Aviation grounds flights to upgrade cockpit recorders

Era Alaska (the operator featured in "Flying Wild Alaska") grounded planes this weekend to upgrade the cockpit voice recorder common to its entire fleet. The upgrade was prompted when an FAA investigation into a recent 5000-ft altitude loss incident showed cockpit voice recorders didn't meet regulatory standards. ( Mehr...

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emmitt kelly 5
I love that show..."Ariel" is the cutest little girl..she will warm your heart when it is -40
Toby Sharp 2
Don't you talk about my woman that way Emmitt!!! I love that girl!
sparkie624 4
I really loved the program, and hated to see it go. I hope it comes back some time. ERA looks like a great airline to work for.
Aaron Barthol 2
It definitely has not been cancelled. It is just between seasons right now.
sparkie624 2
They way they portrayed the last episode, it looked like a great good bye, and there have not been ANY reruns. Last time I looked on the networks website, there was no reference to it. I sent an email inquiring about this, and have not yet had a reply. I would love for it to come back... Will have to see what happens.
Was it canceled? I thought they finished out the season? Absolutely love that show. That and the Buffalo Air show on the Weather Channel.
Jeff Lawson 4
Although not technically cancelled, the third season will supposedly be the last. Jim and Ferno have apparently gotten tired of being in front of the camera and chose to end the filming.

Read down to comment 20 and you'll see one from Ariel that says a little more about it.
sparkie624 1
Good info... thanks for the info.
skylloyd 1
Thanks Jeff for finding the article, my wife and I are really, really going to miss it on Friday nights.
Pete Templin 2
Discovery Channel pitched the last episode as the series finale. That's usually a sign of cancellation.
Jeff Lawson 2
The grounding seems to have affected only 12 aircraft, six Bombadier Dash 8s and six Beechcraft 1900s, even though their entire fleet is listed as being larger:
preacher1 1
It may have only affected 12 but they had the 2nd highest cancellation/delay rate in the country right behind AA, according to a post just above here
Preacherman, where in the discussions was I supposed to see something from you? I don't see anything as of now.
preacher1 1
Go into discussions and click on messages. It brings up their Email block.
It says I have a message, but everytime I click on it, nothing...
preacher1 1
After the screen comes up, click on your INBOX on the lower left and see if it brings it up. It should just be in the SUBJECT line saying TEST-REPLY IF YOU GET THIS or something to that effect
emmitt kelly 2
I am ashamed of myself!
Troy Raiteri 2
This show will be remembered by A LOT! Amazing show they put on for all of us aviators and non aviators all over the globe! They have done things which I wouldn't do!
Bunnie Meyer 2
With so much junk on TV, that show stood out as weekly entertainment you could always count on to be interesting and full of drama.

If Jim has decided to retire, he sure deserves it and the whole family and all the crew they had did a wonderful job.
OhanaUnited 1
Ice Pilots NWT is way better than Flying Wild Alaska.
doublex 1
Jim (and his late brother) founded Hageland Aviation, which is one of three airlines operating as ERA Alaska. As per the article: "Hageland Aviation, a carrier under the Era Alaska umbrella, wasn't affected".
emmitt kelly 0
Maybe someone can answer my question:
Buffalo bought Lockheed Electras...why not C-130's or civilian version L-100's..
In the beginning the Electra was a very scarey plane.they did get the "whirlmode" problem corrected so they would not fall out of the sky..but trying to load cargo looks like a pain.
As the Air force updates to C130J's the old H models should become available.
the electra and 130 both use versions of the T56 and Hamilton Standard Prop..ease of cargo loading on a 130 is great...great aircraft to work on too!!
I was stationed at Edwards in first assigned acft was HC-130H 64-14855..when I looked it up is located at Patrick AFB, is old and I am old but..
my AFSC was 43151F..fond memories
by the way the other HC-130H was is in the Pacific off the Calif. coast..sad
Jeff Lawson 2
Something like that is probably better posted in the "Discussions" forum if you want more people to read it since these replies are supposed to be about the news article.
preacher1 1
It could be the noise. While they mostly do cargo, there are some pax on there. I remember the 1st thing the loadie or somebody handed to you on a 130 was a pair of Plus, they went to those Electras about a year ago. Were surplus H models already out there?
emmitt kelly 1
I am thinking yes, but E models and L100 for sure...but they may still be more expensive than the electra..just not sure..1964 is a long time ago..huh..
preacher1 1
Yeah it was. I was just a kid out in SW OK in the 60's when those things started flying and still remember the pictures of Tom Braniff's babies scattered out across West Texas. Most happened in a Bad Tstorm and no survivors and that is one reason it took so long to get at the problem. Once the problem was located and fixed, you were hard pressed to find a better airplane but the damage was already done. Jets didn't help any
Chris Trott 1
Yeah, it was sad to see the show go, but I can understand their reasons. I wish Jim a good life of retirement. He's earned it!

Emmitt, Buffalo bought Electras because they are available. There are currently no L-100's available for purchase and the C-130's have been embargoed by the FAA after the wing box issues. The ones that are in civilian hands will get scrapped when their current operators are done with them. This is the biggest problem with the C-130, the fleet has a major wing box issue and the few civilian airplanes are rapidly running out of life. The Electras have had an "easier" life. Additionally, they're faster which is better for the long ranges that Buffalo has to operate over at times. The planes have had a spotless mechanical history since the problems with the prop harmonics were fixed over 40 years ago, so they're no more "dangerous" than any other planes. At one time they had looked at getting CV-580s to compliment the L-188s and that may still be in the works. Would be nice since both use the same basic engine and prop.


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