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Couple fined for inflight sex

Apparently, what happens on the way to Vegas, doesn't necessarily stay there. A former vintner and a salon technician were each fined $250 for allegedly engaging in oral sex in front of other passengers on a commercial Allegiant Air flight from Medford, Oregon, to Las Vegas. Christopher Martin, of Las Vegas, and Medford resident Jessica Stroble, each pleaded guilty in absentia in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas to a federal misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct on Thursday, reports… ( More...

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btweston 6
Salon... technician?

But, in all seriousness, $250 is kinda worth the story.
rxgeek 10
This is too serious to just pay lip service.
joel wiley 6
Don't even go down there!!!
Chris Donawho 2
I don't care who you are RXGEEK, that there was funny!! Why you only have two thumbs up votes is beyond me.
BC Hadley 7
Isn't anyone else bothered by the fact that they were asked more than once to stop? Not only was their behavior inappropriate, but they weren't following FA instructions.
sparkie624 2
Does that not make it a Federal Felony: "Not obeying a Flight Crew Members Instructions".
PhotoFinish 4
Do you mean Felati-o-ny?

Sparkie, we can tell where your mind is at the moment, with your multiple sexy posts in one day.
sparkie624 2
Kevin Hamel 3
One would think the airlines could come up with a way of making this a fee generator for them....they're charging for everything else.
pete norway 2
Have all the sex you want for $250 a shot!

1. First Class
2. Business Class
3. Coach
4. Sex Class

A. Straight (Couple's)
B. Gay (Males Only)
C. Lesbo's Only)
D. Rental Area (Airline provided companions for the flight)For those passenger's flying alone but, would like a little action during the 8 hour flight.

E. The single room (Room where you can get familiar w/yourself)

Adult gift shop.

Birth control pill's
Eatable underwear
Vibrator's (All sizes and color's)Note: Black ones comes in one size only (EX Large)
Batteries (A, AA, AAA, D, 9V, heavy duty batteries
Magazine's (Perfect for the single room)
Air freshener's
Sorry no alcohol permitted in any of the above area's!

It's a money maker for sure!

PhotoFinish 1
You obviously missed the significance of Virgin's and others onboard chat function service. You need not be alone.

You can communicate with and get to know otter passengers on the flight.

Also alcohol seems to be the lubricant of choice of most if your 'sections'. If you're truly interested in airline revenue, alcohol consumption is a perfect way to monetize your 'activities'.
Er.A.K. Mittal 2
Sex will never never cease to be the most talked about subject, no matter what ever be the context ! Or excuse !
Even on a professional portal like FA .
Right PhotoFinish ?
PhotoFinish 1
I thought I was discussing the monetization of consumption of alcohol and interpersonal interaction between passengers.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
I meant in general.
My Q to you was to seek your opinion ! Simple.
If that was out of place or improper, my honest apologies.
For centuries, sex/sexism has been used for publicity and advertising. And some women have happily participated to be projected/used as an 'object of desire' for the desired end result.
Debatable , ofcourse. Generally for wrong reasons.
pete norway 2
Find them Noooooo!
What they should've done was capture it on video, then used it as an Adult inflight movie on other flight's Sort of the way some Tokyo Hotel's do it. They secretly capture couple's having sex then, use the video as Adult movie's.
Believe it or not i had a friend that got busted that way, he and his wive went to Tokyo and rented a Hotel room he stayed at 6 month's earlier. They paid for some Adult movies and low and behold, one of the movies was of him and some Japanese Girl getting it on. He was in the restroom when the movie started he said, the wife stormed and went back to the Airport, used her round trip ticket back to SFO.
Sounds like a buncha BS to me. Anybody staying at that hotel would see an act performed in the exact same type of room and décor therefore putting the hotel held for illegal acts. I believe everything I see on the internet too. :P
Price is going up for going down?
She was flying his stick. 5 mile club there.
Tom Jones 2
Ummm, apparently they also weren't following the "wear your seat belt while seated" rule either...or, if they were, they must be quite gifted.
James Carlin 2
See what happens when your airline lacks proper passenger entertainment options Allegiant Air? Maybe you can add personal video screens and movie options? You know, something to prevent passengers from inventing their own in flight entertainment??
(v)e Same 2
Well, at least they made it to cruise. Our couple on a DL 737-200 didn't even make it outta the gate. The flight crew asked us to "Bump" the pushback a few times to give them incentive to wrap it up. Dunno if that hindered or helped the situation in the lav, but it got the point across. No one was kicked off the flight or arrested, but everyone got a good laugh out of it and life went on.
PhotoFinish 3
Doesn't count as mile-high, unless you were in Denver.
(v)e Same 1
true, but I think it takes more ca hones to pull it off still at the gate.
She must have scared him stiff! :p
Esteban Marin 3
While on the subject: how do you call to masturbating at 33,000 feet? Hi-jacking...

[This poster has been suspended.]

sparkie624 5
Very True, But Very True as well.
Ben Ryan 1

[This poster has been suspended.]

sparkie624 2
LOL, I had a Pilot Discrepancy "Lavatory Door knocked off the Hinges". His answer was they got into some unexpected rough air and the couple in the lav (of a Dash 8 100, how they fit I will never know) were having sex and both fell through the door... They were fully stripped... LOL, security met the plane...

[This poster has been suspended.]

sparkie624 1
siriusloon 1
In the early 90s, there was an incident involoving either a British couple or a British airline (or perhaps both) in which the two people who were joining the Mile High Club in one of the lavatories managed to set off the heat detector with their passion.

A flight attendant got no response when she knocked on the door and asked if they were OK. The couple presumably thought that by being quiet, the FA would think no one was in there. However, because the door was obviously latched from the inside and with the heat detector still going off, a male member of the crew used a fire axe and broke down the door. The couple emerged to both cheers and boos from the rest of the self-loading cargo and sheepishly returned to their seats.

(One version of the story published at the time suggested that while they were a couple during their coupling in the loo, they were not sitting together in the cabin as each were actually one half of two couples, but it's quite possible that aspect began as a "wouldn't it be funny if...?" comment that was then quoted and misquoted until it became part of the story.)

As I recall, no charges were filed, but the airline very graciously allowed them to pay the full cost of replacing the lav door. You know how much even a simple bolt costs because of how it must meet airworthiness and safety standards and be certified as such, so you can be sure that the replacement door was not cheap, even if the airline found a second-hand one rather than a brand-new one from Boeing or Airbus.
siriusloon 1
I am reliably informed -- but wild horses will not be able to drag from me the source of the information -- that the trickiest part of accomplishing initiation into the Mile High Club in an airliner's lavatory is not the small space available for the act itself, but rather being able to make an undetected exit from said lavatory because until one opens the door and steps out, one doesn't know if there is no one waiting or if twenty people are lined up in various states of impatience and need.
Jas Derry 1
The best time to go is 30 minutes into the inflight entertainment.....everybody is watching the film.

All we got was a smile from the FA.
ken young 1
Would have been funny if a Sky Marshal was on board. Hould have tazed the guy
joel wiley 3
Or popped an up-the-skirt photo?
Darren Shields 2
One would think considering the situation there would be no skirt! ;-)
Roland Dent 1
Damn .. you mean they missed a sales opportunity with sex aids and ancilliaries. I would have the marketing deptment in for a strategy meeting.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
They were fined perhaps for not choosing their audience discreetly, age groupwise ! Among some other similar reasons.
Michael Fuquay 1
Heaven forbid we're not "tolerant" of other people's sexuality.
joel wiley 1
I think it may have been the Victorian proscription on not scaring the horses.
Chris Donawho 1
Ehh... $250 entry fee to the Mile High Club. Of course, not counting his lost job....

It was free on PanAm.... just sayin'.
khan sardar 1
250 box that's all
I could NEVER do that! (because I have to have a smoke immediately afterwards)
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
A lady was asked " Do you smoke after sex? " .
Her reply, " I never noticed ."
Seems you do !
Andy Tyler -9
The people who fly on allegiant are generally not the classiest of people.
Sean Seabold 9
How's the view from your pedestal up there? Good? I hope so.
oowmmr -1
That's not too bad, I thought the story would be something illegal like Sodomy. Just go to the next isle please as I'm trying to nap.
David Stark 1
Sodomy between consenting adults in private is not illegal in the USA. There are laws against it on the books in some states, but the Supreme Court ruled that they cannot be enforced without violating privacy rights. However, public sex acts are illegal just about everywhere, regardless of the type of activity involved.
vincentvan 0
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Couple accused of in-flight sex act fined $250 each

LAS VEGAS – A man and a woman accused of engaging in oral sex on a flight from Medford, Ore., to Las Vegas have pleaded guilty in federal court to misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges.
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Couple fined for inflight sex

(CNN) -- Apparently, what happens on the way to Vegas, doesn't necessarily stay there.


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