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Tourist reportedly crashes drone into Yellowstone National Park's largest hot spring

Authorities at Yellowstone National Park are investigating reports that a tourist crashed a drone into the Grand Prismatic Spring, the park's largest hot spring, on Saturday. The tourist approached a park employee about getting the drone back after losing it in the almost 200-feet deep hot spring. The employee let the tourist go without initially reporting the incident to authorities. "I don't think the person who they spoke with realized that drones couldn't be flown in… ( More...

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Matt Hauke 1
...and this is how one idiot spoils it for the rest of us.
Tim Duggan 3
LET'S BE CLEAR!!! The CNN video report opens with an image of a MILITARY drone.

What the actual story here is about, is Radio Controlled toys. YES, these "toys" are becoming increasingly sophisticated....BUT there is a "back-lash" of sorts. BECAUSE of dolts like this guy in Yellowstone.

I've been in the hobby of R/C airplanes for about 50 years. We have an advisory/advocacy group called the "AMA" (NO, not the's the Academy of Model Aeronautics... ).

These IDIOTS who buy the quad-copters and cause public relations nightmares such as this....they DO NOT bother to join the AMA, and DO NOT exercise the sort of self-restraint and discipline that TRUE R/C modelers have for decades. THESE people are threatening MY hobby.
The RC club near me has their field adjacent to the airport (with FAA approval). They fly in a defined airspace. I think all are members of AMA and I know some if not all carry insurance. They certainly treat their hobby with respect just as most pilots do. Hopefully the FAA can get some common sense solutions in place before tradgedy strikes.
Always have to have at least one idiot to ruin good prospects for everybody.
Eric Schmaltz -1
I think anybody who still uses Lol is really the "dumbass"!
lynx318 1
Is it¿ IDK, BRB my waffles are burning, smell U L8R ¡
Bernie20910 3
Couldn't think of anything worthwhile to add to the discussion, could you?

Or are you maybe the dumbass the story is about and you object to the label?
tuba 1
Can I get a ROFL?
James Carlin 1
Excuse me Mr. Park Ranger, but would you allow me to go down into a 200 foot deep hole with scalding steam and boiling water shooting out of it? I lost my remote controlled flying camera in it.
The ranger should have said "sure. Go right ahead. It is perfectly safe to climb into a hot spring.
Gene Nowak 1
More trash to litter the landscapes of our National Parks.
Tim Marks 3
Hang him by his heels from a rope and dip him in the spring to recover it himself.....oh too hot, too bad, you should have followed the rules.
Bernie20910 1
I'll be happy to supply the rope...
Chris B 1
Lets do it the easy way, borrow a Coastguard Helo, suspend him underneath it and release.
Bernie20910 4
Ummm... and the nearest Coast Guard base to Yellowstone is...?
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Drone crashes into Yellowstone hot spring, defying park rules

Even though unmanned aerial vehicles are banned in national parks, a tourist manages to accidentally fly one into Yellowstone's famous Grand Prismatic Spring.
My guess is most municipalities will ban them like the parks have. Where the FAA will put them as far as airspace is still up for grabs. For now though over private property there is open season on them. Lol.
This dumbass is one of the reasons that their wings will get clipped.
Yep excepts he's dumbarse
lynx318 1
Why not both , Dumbarse Ass!


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