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Qantas retires its very first Boeing 747-400

Qantas will retire its first-ever Boeing 747-400 next month - VH-OJA – which opened up the one-stop Kangaroo Route between Australia and London, and even made a promotional non-stop flight from London to Sydney (albeit with minimal passengers and cargo) to highlight the jumbo's long-range capabilities. ( Mehr...

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Steven Macom 4
Back in the day, I recorded a television special (on VHS tape) about the introduction of the -400, and included in the documentary was VH-OJA flying the promotional non-stop from Heathrow to Sydney. If I recall correctly, Shell provided a modified fuel for the run, and VH-OJA was towed by tug to the end of the runway at Heathrow to preserve as much fuel as possible. I will have to go blow the dust off my VCR and watch again.

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s2v8377 2
It's a shame this 747 couldn't find a home in an aviation museum somewhere in Australia.
Thomas Cain 2
They'll probably give it to John Travolta :LOL:
Dwight Hartje 2
That's sad.
Probably to be replaced by A380.
linbb 1
With the growth of twin engine wide body AC doubtful due to cost. Not saying no but seems that the jumbos are not as popular as they once were due to cost and load factors not being up on flights.
Dwight Hartje 1
Do you mean aircraft like 777 with its low costs and long range?
gordon bartley 1
VH-EBT was QF first B747-300 EUD..followed by EBU-EBY not sure ,but there might have been EBZ...I agree OJA shud be in the museum in Longreach..not busted ups for scrap. The LHR/SYD nonstop flight was historic and a milestone in long distance flying.The shortsighted bean counters strike again...
744pnf 1
I may be growing old as I recall the first 747 I saw being broken up...was @ KIGM aroud 1990. Was in America West livery although it was originally a Northwest Airlines -100.
I am rather impressed they kept this bird around as long as they did. 25 years is a long time for civil aircraft.
So why are very few airlines opting for the 747-800 to replace the aging 4000's?
paul druyts 1
queen of the sky , goodbye
iflyfsx 1
If they don't want it anymore, can I have it?
I am sure it's worth plenty in parts and scrap


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