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Singapore to Offer Non-Stop from New York in 2018, Regaining ‘World’s Longest Flight’ Title

Singapore Airlines, which until late 2013 operated what were then the world’s two longest flights, will regain the title in 2018 when it begins to operate non-stop service from New York to Singapore, a 19-hour flight that will cover roughly 8,700 nautical miles. The airline will use Airbus’ newly launched Ultra-Long Range version of the A350-900 to provide the service... ( Mehr...

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terry gersdorf 2
thought Perth to London was the longest 14,000 nm
anthony mchale 1
Only 170 seats on a plane that big. I want to see the interior layout. This will be nice for such a long haul.
joel wiley 1
So this is going to be a 'bragging rights" flight. Longest flight, found 170 pax to pay the fare. Will this be a revenue generating route? I wonder what the fare structure will be?
Ric Wernicke 0
The older A350 on the LAX-SIN route was wonderful. Less than 100 business only seats, meaning no riff-raff at check in, boarding, or bag collection areas. It was just a tad more expensive than taking a stop over in Tokyo. Nothing worse than schlepping off and back on in the middle of a journey. It won't be as nice with 70 additional crammed into sardine class, but the Asian airlines take seriously the concept of allowing premium passengers on first, off first, and serving bags first. (Bag guidelines don't really work at LAX because the lazy handlers can't be bothered with reading priority tags.)

The old business seats were huge, and perfect sleepers. Important if you want to be fresh and take care of business on the first day. I doubt it will be as nice on the new A350. The FA's on Singapore could not be more pleasant and interested in passenger comfort. It is that way on all their flights, long or short.

Joao Ponces 3
It was an Airbus A340-500 series!
allan howell 1
Salutations from rif-raf land!! Methinks the gentleman should fly private aviation as he doth require services and attention more certainly available within the hallowed halls of the peripheral airfield terminal buildings.

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