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Spirit Now Charging For Carry-On Bags

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) ― Spirit Airlines passengers may want to log on and save some cash before heading out to the airport. Beginning Sunday, the air carrier instituted new charges for carry-on bags. ( Mehr...

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Ryan Viveiros 0
I think I will stick with JetBlue and Southwest =)
Malcolm Nason 0
If Spirit get away with this others will try it - passengers must complain- enough is enough
antoinemb 0
What's next: paying a fee for a boarding pass and seatbelt usage ?
Pilot208 0
Boycott Spirit.

"If it fits under the seat in front of you it's free." This means all of the casual flyers will now be trying to stuff oversized carry on under the seat instead of in the overhead. Time delaying and unsafe clutter.
toolguy105 0
If I ever step on a Spirit Airline flight it will have to be the last Airline flying. I rank them right up there with the Scottish Airline Ryan Air; Another Airline I refuse to fund by flying them. These nickel and dime low supposed low cost airlines have given fuel to the legacy carriers to nickel and dime us.

When you stand by and allow them to nickel and dime you, you are not really saving any money. When you spend say $140 for a ticket to some place and spend $200 in baggage fees and $15 for food plus a $50 fuel surcharge that ticket has cost you $405. This is probably about the cost of a full price ticket.

sbase509 0
People will never be happy with a for profit company that god forbid ...."Makes a profit".... and someone can buy a bus pass fare to FLY across the country in five hours what would take two days to drive.

What exactly is wrong with paying $400 for a ticket? Factor in your time to drive, wear and tear on vehicle, gas and any potetial break down costs and it's not that bad right? The people it takes to safely fly that plane need to make a living too. And if the company isn't making a profit those people are collecting tax payer unemployment benefits. Figure it out people. The 'Wal-Mart Nation' will eventually come to an end when the only place open IS Wal-Mart and they can charge you whatever they want.
toolguy105 0
sbase509: I'd rather be charged the $400 up front then lead on with an advertised fair of $140, only to walk up to the ticket counter and find I need to shell out $265 more to actually get on the plane with my bags and enough fuel to get to destination.

Back in the day Airlines made a profit, did not charge for fuel or for prime seats. You had legroom to spare, they served a meal and most of the time your bags arrived at the same time and place you did. Today you pay all this money, get crammed into a seat, I'm 6'2", do not get a meal, pay a surcharge for fuel and it is a crap shoot if your bags are on the same plane as you are..

Frankly if I can drive it in less than five hours or if there is a train going close to my destination I avoid flying altogether. It is not worth the hassle. On the train I get a nice comfortable seat, with plenty of legroom and if I am on the Washington to Boston corridor and score a seat on Acella First Class, it is better than any Airline first class. Does it take any longer? Not really, when you add in the TSA delay and travel from home to the airport and the airport to down the time is about the same.

The flying public will only stand so much, then like me they will find alternative methods of travel. When that happens you’ll see a big change in how the airlines do business. I have no problem paying for service; provide I get the service I pay for. At the moment the airlines are not providing any more service the bus companies.
Pilot208 0
Agree with Toolguy105. I'd rather pay the $400 or more upfront & have been saying that for some time. Knowing the "real price" in advance would discourage the people that should have taken that bus you (sbase509) mentioned in the first place. I'd much prefer limiting capcity (pull aircraft off line), shaking out the poor performers, and allowing the remaining to charge a fair price and pay their pilots and crew a fair wage.

The amount of international flying has resulted in my having a 1/2" thick passport. Yet I'll only fly domestic U.S. at a last resort. PLEASE price it up, discourage the 'bus' crowd, and return it to a better product.
homburge 0
I'll never fly on these bozoes. Who knows what else they are skimping money on -- maintenance?


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