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Talks on planned laptop ban for European-US flights end with no deal

Discussions over keeping laptops and large electronics out of more US-bound flight cabins ended yesterday without an agreement to widen the ban. In March, the US Department of Homeland Security barred US-bound passengers from 10 airports from taking any electronics larger than a cell phone onto planes. The UK instituted a similar ban, but it covered whole countries rather than specific airports. Earlier this month, CBS News reported talks were underway about expanding the laptop ban to cover… (arstechnica.com) Mehr...

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Steve Rhodes 5
It seems to me that a hold full of lithium battery powered devices of varying quality , is a hell of a lot more dangerous than a possible carry on laptop with a bomb that can get through security .
I will not be boarding any US bound flight sitting on THAT little problem .
Carlisle Landel 4
Can somebody explain why a bomb disguised as a laptop is less dangerous in the cargo hold? The bomb that took down Pan Am 103 was concealed in a cassette recorder--presumably an equally powerful bomb could fit into a laptop.


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