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Airbus’s New Plane Could Make It Much Cheaper to Fly to Europe

Airbus’s first A321LR aircraft completed its first transatlantic test flight from Paris Le Bourget to New York City's JFK earlier this year. It is the longest flight that the highly anticipated aircraft has completed so far. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 7
That information is incorrect. The A321LR on March 30 completed an even longer flight, from Mahe in the Seychelles to Toulouse, a trip of 4700 miles.
Mike Monk 9
Rather than give slower and smaller aircraft extra range it would be MUCH better to invest in a more efficient and cost effective FASTER a/c (Concorde 2?).

Ticket prices are too low already which is, arguably, a causal factor in air travel losing most, if not all of its appeal.

Some of the romance and excitement needs to be re-injected into air travel.
Mike M; whilst my heart might agree with you, my head speaks to "bottom line every time" in the cold, hard, cut-throat world of airline businesses.

I remember a conversation with a BA CSD on a 777 daytime flight back from Boston Logan to LHR in early 2007, when BA were seeking to cut one cabin-crew member from each B777 team; even back then, it was *all* about costs. As I said to him, regarding the competition: "these guys will eat your lunch". However, I do agree that you can cut too far. Mike
Jeffrey Emge 3
"ticket prices are too low already"...said no sane person ever
I’ll say it. It cost me two days wages to fly from Canada to Mexico return. It use to be a weeks wages. This means I travel way too much for the good of the planet.
What are you doing to the planet? Trust me, with you or with out you that plane is going. May as well have you on it right?

Until such time we can end plate-tectonics,volcanoes and the decomposition of natural mass in rain forests...I am simply not buying into the pseudo-science the tree huggers love to pontificate on ad nauseum. We have but one life to, if that means a few extra gallons of "Race Gas" at the track, flying private craft because I can and not sorting freaking cardboard from my be it. :-)

Oddly, Al Gore still flies private as well....hypocrite.
"Ticket prices are too low already which is, arguably, a causal factor in air travel losing most, if not all of its appeal."

It's not appealing at all if you can't afford it
This is my problem how?
El Kabong 5
Because yeah.. I want to fly 6-9 hours on a plane with the cabin the size of a 737.. No thanks.. I appreciate the less claustrophobic feel of a 777 or 767 when I commute over to .eu.
Ric Wernicke 3
This plane will have no effect on price of a ticket to Europe. Two reasons. First is the cost of air travel in Europe impacted by the high taxes on fuel and the reliance in the main on airplanes that fly lower and slower. The second is that people have no desire to fly long haul in single aisle planes, no matter how long they are.

I gave up flying on 707's to Europe when the 747 took to the skies. Many people search out wide bodies on destinations that are also served by narrow aisle jets.
I would suggest that some people are driven solely by price. If you save enough on your fare to pay for a chiropractor when you land, and have some more money left over, do they really care?

This expands choice; we choose business class for our transatlantic runs but respect the rights of those who choose Sardine/cattle class.
joe milazzo 0
Ric is right on!!! User fees taxes are crazy! You pay for EVERY agency, route, and segment.........It’s nutz over there!
RECOR10 -1
This was the same point I made about taxes being the primary factor in costs, and so - the mitigating factor in SST flights as the cost of fuel is the primary factor. If the "Sin Tax" was to go away in this false "Fight for the Earth" - the "Cattle Class" could fly at super sonic speeds....
gerardo godoy 2
In Europe you get better service, and good prices compared to America. But you must know where to look for them
s2v8377 1
The airlines have already said that this aircraft does not effectively replace the mission of the 757. The A321LR is a plane with no viable market to serve. If it was Airbus would have already sold a bunch of them. Lets see if Boeing gets it right with the 797/NMA. Both airplane makers seem like rudderless ships in a storm these days when it comes to making good decisions on aircraft. Boeing with the 737 MAX 10 is no better than Airbus with this aircraft.

Also how could anyone be excited about any new version of the 737 or A321. Both decent planes but 190 seats on an A321 compared to 176 on a 757. The 757 was bad enough now the A321 will be absolute torture!!!

American Airlines will probably give up on the sink on their A321NEOs and just have hand sanitizer after their fail with the bathrooms on the 737 MAX 8.
Depends on where you sit - upfront om an International configured 57 - Its a good life, just a left turn into 8 perfect lie flat seats - Waiting on a widebody for Newark to Lisbon
? or Dublin .. no thanks!
I agree with El Kabong
Peter Low 1
Surely it is more cost effective to use larger load carrying aircraft. Otherwise you will add to the congestion already being seen at airports.

Or am I being too simplistic ?
jcsjcs 4
You can cramp a lot of people into a A321. Just redefine "business class" to mean an empty seat next to you and "short haul" to anything below 10 hours flight time.
LH is doing that on medium haul already (Frankfurt to Moscow, Tel Aviv, Bagdad, Cairo...). It's awful and kills the joy of flying. But it seems to be much cheaper than using larger planes.
Torsten Hoff 3
You’re not going to see the A321LR operated between the major international hubs where slots are limited, it will be used to open direct routes to/from feeder airports like the B787 did. Eliminating a stop and plane change cuts costs and time, and preserves capacity at the busy hubs.
carpetshoe 3
While airport slots can be expensive, the whole point of Boeing's 787 pitch was that airlines prefer to go "thin and narrow." In the most simplistic terms, I take this to mean that smaller airlines with smaller aircraft can still compete with the larger firms using larger aircraft. New city pairs can be offered which allows for an easier passenger experience. In addition, it allows for secondary or even tertiary airports to be accessed where landing fees are lower. While this does give passengers more choice, it also means that infrastructure at the lower tier airports is not as good or comprehensive. In addition, it may mean that the expensive infrastructure built at primary airports is used at a lower rate and thus becomes more expensive for everyone operating there. The knock-on effects are numerous but I still believe that both primary and second + lower tier airports will all remain important. As some traffic is moved from traditional hubs and brought to regional or rural airports, hub airports will continue to grow. This is because highly urbanized areas surrounding the biggest airports will continue to increase in population density. If anything, the current situation is just a rebalancing of the market and once an equilibrium has been found, both markets will continue to be stable so that both A321LR and A380s will fly across the Atlantic.Technology has come a long way and now allows for ever more choices in terms of 'right sizing' the aircraft for a given mission.
gerardo godoy 0
Good news, we might get a better service and a lower price....Go Airbus!!!!
Chris B 0
There are regular 737-10 flights across the Atlantic by SAS and Norwegian. BA A318 might have started this smaller is better trend but its capacity is very very limited. Value of 737/A321 on these routes is to secondary airports only.
honza nl 2
Strange, as the 737-10 is not even flying yet....


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