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Were the crew of Air Niugini Flight 73 criminally negligent?

At what point does a "just" safety culture accept willful violation of SOPs? A Captain with over 19,000 hours of experience, a fully trained and experienced F/O, a perfectly operational aircraft, ignored procedures and crashed into the ocean, killing one passenger. ( More...

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Dubslow 4
The NTSB was of the opinion that they were so disconnected that any extra aural warnings would have been completely pointless, and it's hard to disagree based on the avherald write up. That certainly sounds like criminal negligence to me
william baker 0
UMMMMM Someone please answer me this question. How hell did this accident happen on September 28 2019 when its only July 18th 2019 now. ?????????????
Hirouchida 1
Report says 28 September 2018.


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