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Kalitta Air--Getting American's out of China

It makes sense not to use a passenger plane from a commercial airline to evacuate Americans. You'd start a second panic with people wanting to know if "their" plane was the one used, and if it had been decontaminated. ( Mehr...

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Robert Cowling 1
That plane sure has done a lot of runs to China. Most haven't been reported?

matt jensen 0
Not only that but why bring them all the way across the Pacific, when mil bases in Korea, Guam and Hawaii are available?
James Simms 5
Korea is a forward area under the guns of North Korea. Add in the potential reluctance of South Korea of allowing any infected people into their country. Plus there’re not as many bases in Korea as there used to be even 5,10, 20 years ago w/no facilities available (trust me, it’s gets downright frigid this time of the year in Korea, I was there 84-85 air temps were -20 @ night w/out wind chill), housing them in tents would be bad optics in the brutally cold; & why expose US servicemen & their families on a restricted base? Guam & Hawaii are too confined In area plus there are critical bases there, any outbreak would wreck havoc on our war fighting capability should the need arise.

Okinawa is out because it belongs to Japan; although the Japanese government wants us there, the civilians there don’t really like having the US military there (but I assume they love the $$$$$$ we bring in) & the locals would blow a fuse if we brought infected civilians in.

By bring them stateside, they’re HOME (anyone who’s spent time overseas is looking forward to) which everyone wanted to be anyway, the CDC is relatively close by & we can bring the full effect of our resources to bear.
Amanda Gruenberg 0
Why the fuel stop in Alaska? Seems like they should have been able to make that flight direct fairly easy
Robert Cowling 0
It looks like a health check for the passengers. They triaged them and sent most (all) of them on to the next stop.

For the record, if it means anything, flying them back is nuts... Where is the Comfort? Dry dock? Marooned off Mara Lago? Doing pleasure cruises in the Med?


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