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Ryanair 737 flies into a flock of Herons!!

Crazy story with even crazier pictures. Congrats to the crew for the phenomenal job landing the aircraft safely. ( Mehr...

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braxtron 22
Incredible. Landed safely with an obstructed windshield, at least one pitot tube blocked, an a AoA sensor damaged, and one engine. Respect!
hal pushpak 10
With one flamed out and a pitot and an AoA jammed like that, this could have been a master disaster if they had chosen a go around.. Glad it was VFR. Or maybe..
Alex Sullivnan 16
Captain Sully would be extremely proud! Well done by the pilots!
Glad they landed safely.
Malcolm Jones 7
The dull red colour of the legs stuck to the fuselage sides suggest Purple Herons and not Cranes which have Black legs and the feather colours also suggest Purple Heron, and yes, they do fly in flocks.
17dec1903 6
With all due credit to Gary Larson, has anyone managed to find out the names of any of the deceased birds?
Juan Jimenez 1
Larry, Moe, Curly and their inlaws.
D. Ray Palmer 5
Anyone trying to blame this on Boeing?
redelmo 4
LoL I was thinking the same thing. BA did go down. Might have been this instead of the South African variant
Mike Monk 7 was because of Brexit.
Mark Kortum 4
Glad someone has a sense of humour.
Declan Spring 2
Hard as it may be, you have to gie great credit to the Ryanair pilots.
Peter Fuller 1
Why would it be hard to give credit to the Ryanair pilots? That should be easy. The pilots aren’t the people who designed and implemented the Ryanair passenger experience that folks on this board love to hate.
Nolan Clinard 2
LMAO at these comments.
Juan Jimenez 2
Wait what? One of the birds went into A PITOT TUBE? No bird in the history of birds has ever had that much bad luck.
Bryan Nylander 2
Impressive job by the pilots with limited instruments and window smeared not to mention an engine out. Sounds like a simulator ride from hell.
Juan Jimenez 2
I bet someone at CAE has already figured out how to program a level 3 sim to do that...
- Yo, Fred.
- Yeah?
- What is this new button with the postit that says "KABLOOIE!"?
- Try it.
- Oh. That's gross.
- That's what Linda said! <snort!>
Mike Williams 2
I wonder how those birds taste like? Probably like chicken.
Why do they not put some sort of screen on the intake side of the engine?
James Cross 4
The screen would disrupt the airflow and cause compressor stalls
Cleffer 4
"They will be Cranes not Heron. Herons do not fly in a flock". Comment on the story is true. The media screws up yet another aviation story. LOL.
Pecos Llama 4
Another sure fire way to differentiate flying crane(s) from flying heron(s) is that a heron will fly with its neck in an S-shape, while a crane will fly with its neck straight.
srobak 6
This is especially noticeable in the dark of night, and at 180mph.
Steve Lyons 2
That is exactly what I thought!
Juan Jimenez 1
Actually, herons do fly in flocks. When they do that you call it a siege, sedge or scattering.
Riana Agrawal 1
those pilots were probaly terrified

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