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Pearl Harbor forced first around-the-world commercial flight

Strange things occurred Dec 7, 1941 -- global flight without maps or preplanning -- really historic and great read ( More...

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Cleffer 21
"He flew without any sudden course corrections and landed the flying boat in the harbor. Ford then noticed a small tender with a furiously waving boatman, who shouted that the plane had landed in a minefield."

Pucker Factor 100.
coinflyer 18
Amazingly, this article never mentioned the thrilling book "The Long Way Home" by Ed Dover, which recounts how Captain Ford and his Pan American clipper got trapped by the events and how he solved the myriad problems he encountered in this magnificent true story.
Jack Morris 2
Excellent book. Anyone interested in reading the full account should read this book.
Chris Croft 10
What an extraordinary story of the exploits of aviators caught up in a world at war,trying to get home.
There's also a great long-form article about it here
Doug Zalud 1
That's one helluva article. Thanks for posting the link.
David Reith 1
Thanks, Aaron - enjoyed reading
James Simms 8
Sadly, not an original & complete Boeing 314 exists today, only a mock up replica in Ireland. I did a Senior Adult Lifelong Learning class on this last Summer.
bbabis 7
When they finally broke radio silence, the Pan-AM radio operator in NY was shocked to hear a clipper approaching from the East when none was expected. I believe it had to circle out in the Atlantic for several hours until sunrise provided light for a safe landing in the harbor.
Elliot Cannon 6
Who was the most important person in the cockpit of that huge flying boat? Here's a hint. The navigators table was 8 feet long. LOL
Doug Zalud 5
Awesome story.
WhiteKnight77 2
I doubt few today could accomplish such, especially with the reliance everyone has on GPS.
Tremendous feat. I wonder how many modern flight crews could do the same today with basically just a compass, sextant, and world map from a library.

A short video here :

And remember the graet circle routes abross the pacific from SFO ? wher the longest leg was about 2100 nautical miles
Damn PaywaLL!
ko25701 3
Yes, I found the article here for free
S McGeady 2
You can read most paywalled articles on the WP by just turning off Javascript for the site.
Ron Vriesman 2
Learn something amazing every day.
My heart goes out to the pilot and crew of this unscheduled journey.
Now to find the book.
MmJan Coopman 2
A day that will live in infamy for other reasons, too, I see. Thank you for educating.
Merece que los estudios filmográficos hagan una pelicula, el hombre fue un heroe y en la actualidad la gente necesita de ejemplos de valor cuando el cine sólo ofrece fantasias.
Tomer Ariav 1


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