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Tampa airport police investigate ring that shrink-wrapped pot for smuggling

The Tampa man is accused of using his phone to coordinate the retrieval by several couriers of drug-laden luggage at Tampa International Airport. An airport detective seized 57.5 pounds of marijuana in shrink wrap from one of his suitcases, the search warrant affidavit said. ( More...

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avionik99 2
Its legal in so many places now, that its time to move on to better use of our enforcement agencies.
Mike Mohle 5
True, but legal as long as it purchased from recognized vendors. Also, the cash shipment = tax evasion, probably what they are actually more interested in.

avionik99 1
Yeah youre right about the lost revenue for sure.
Sean Mathews 7
Remember, the government doesn't care what drugs you're on, they care who's drugs you're on!
Mike Mohle 0
Curious that there is no mention of our illustrious and high cost TSA noticing this or being involved in any way. Good thing they are still out there and getting paid!
dnorthern 1
The show must go on
JJ Johnson -1
Marijuana being illegal is just stupid. No worse than Booze. It personifies just how pathetic and dysfunctional our no term limit Congress really is.
Joe Fiala 2
Marijana is worse than booze. A teenager recovers completely a day after excess alcohol if he doesn't die while intoxicated.. But a teenager smoking weed weekly is permanently less intelligent and less motivated and higher risk of psychiatric problems.
ADXbear 0
Isn't it long time that police enforce traffic laws.. here in Florida people are killed each day by law breakers in their cars? Look how people drive on our roads and it's just plain aweful.. police, get back to basics that save people's lives.. a load of pot, let ATF deal with it.
djames225 1
I take it you did not read the article "Tampa International Airport Police Department" not Tampa Bay police dept. Airport police, hence it's their investigation and their collar.


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