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Ever wonder how FlightAware gets its flight tracking data? A huge part of it comes from people just like YOU! Our ADS-B network is over 33,000 strong, and the recent launch of PiAware 7 makes it easier than ever to set up your own device. Grab a PiAware Kit or build one yourself, hook it up to the internet and start exploring your airspace. ( More...

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sparkie624 4
I was onboard early... I love this... I was a very very early member and have been watching it grow since it was first announced. If it flies, Has a transponder, In my area, I can see it.... Including Military Traffic... I used to have to watch it from remote using Remote Desktop... Now with SKYAWARE it is even better than before....
sparkie624 4
BTW, Thanks Flight Aware for allowing us to participate in this!
mbrews 4
Hey sparkie. I spent a week at a hotel in Chesterfield some years back, for a work assignment.

I discovered the Bahama Breeze at a nearby mall, and it became my go-to dining spot.

Thanks for your posts. cheers
sparkie624 2
When I get my plane... It will be based at KSUS in Chesterfield...
Mike Mohle 1
Also one near KTPA, west side over the causeway, near crew hotels. Great spot.
mbrews 1
- Yes, I see that one on the map. Next time I take a trip to Clearwater, FL for baseball spring training, I'll check it out.

BTW tks for offering to get tail # for the ex-Delta 777 that took on a new life - as team aircraft for Arizona Cardinals of NFL. A wide-body for wide bodies.

Maybe Sparkie thinks the Cardinals never should have left St. Louis ? ;)
paul trubits 1
They never should have left Chicago
sparkie624 1
To be honest, I am not a big sports fan... I do know they are in STL and other than the fact of where the stadium is and they wear read shirts, I do not know anything about them.
mwlong 2
I've been doing this for 4 and half years now. It is not only a lot of fun to see what is flying overhead but the Enterprise membership at FlightAware is an awesome perk.
bdarnell 2
Been feeding the network since 2015. Couple that with airband scanners, and it's nonstop fun.
I'm too proud to be part of this select group of members of the Flight Aware community since a few years ago. I enjoyed tracking the flights of my elder son and other members of my family. Maybe one day will be able to track my own flight when I travel again. I'm sure that will be a 'rare and exclusive" experience. Greetings and well wishes to everyone.
adrianwa 2
5 years and 3 Pi’s on still loving it :) looking forward to the day I can wind the no data alert back down as we get more planes back in the air ✌️
sparkie624 2
3 PI's.... LOL, I am still on my first one...
adrianwa 2
Two upgrades and one had to be retired with flowers lol
sparkie624 1
I had to replace 1 Receiver that stopped working, but still the same PI... It keeps on Ticking! I think I started running it in the summer of 2014... Roughly when they first came out if memory serves. May have been 2015.
David Stark 1
I share with FA (along with the PlanePlotter network and others) via the PP program. However, I am still a Basic User. Since FA is charging customers for data provided by volunteers like myself, I think free access to tracking data is only fair.
Charlie North 1
I have been feeding FR24 for many years, I started looking into whether my Pi based device can feed to both them and FA? I did not find a definitive answer at that time.
Eric Tran 3
Yes you can feed both simultaneously. It should be as simple as installing piaware onto your Pi (Step 2 at

If you have any issues, feel free to ask on our discussion forums as many of our users have multiple feeders set up on the same Pi and are very helpful
sparkie624 0
My understanding is that you cannot... Primarily sharing reasons... however you can use 1 antenna with 2 interfaces and 2 Pi's without any problem. They now have it setup for FA that you can run 2 Receivers, 1 for each transponder band. I have not done that yet, but I am considering it. I have the new equipment to do it, but thee is config info that I am not familiar with enough yet.
Jranderson777 1
I have been feeding to FA, FR24 and ADSBEXCHANGE for years now from a single antenna connected to a single Pi. There is no problem doing this at all. It shouldn’t make any difference, but I started with the PiAware image as the base, and added feeds to FR24 and ADSBEXCHANGE. I did have to disable FR24’s automatic updates because they kept rebooting the Pi most every time they did an update. Until I figured this out I was quite puzzled as to why the box was rebooting every few weeks.
Dan Langille 1
I would do this, except for the cost.

I host a RIPE probe and those are sent out free of charge.


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