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Lufthansa returns three A380s to service as demand soars

FRANKFURT, GERMANY — The German flag carrier Lufthansa plans to return three Airbus A380s to service from June 2023 and expects more to join its superjumbo fleet as demand for air travel soars. ( More...

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Alex Green 7
Alan - you are in for a treat when you manage to travel on one. They are the greatest plane ever for passenger comfort. Incredibly quiet and very stable. Depending on the airline, the configuration is great and there is no sense of crowding despite the vast interior. Two-level boarding makes for a relaxed airport environment. Just a shame that they did not quite fit the needs of many airlines who wanted smaller aircraft and increased frequency on routes.
But a great flying experience as a passenger. Enjoy!
Fantastic. But too early to celebrate
Alan Glover 6
Love to see it.

I have never been aboard one of these monsters and I thought the climate Dreaded Meanies might succeed in keeping it that way but common sense must be prevailing.
Derek Vaughn 3
You would have been down voted for posting that a year ago. Common sense is a thing of the past, but the public trend of popular opinion is in, as always. It's great news non the less.
Stef Lar 1
What does climate have to do with anything? When the A380 gets retired it’ll be because of economics. Capitalism is a far more efficient killer than hippies. It ended American’s 757s, Delta’s MDs, and most airlines’ 747-400s. And you can be sure that sooner or later the bean counters will come for the A380 too.
SkyAware123 1
why ? Aren't these more efficient than a smaller plane when fully utilized ?
ExPatHere 1
These big ships are so impressive…Used to marvel how such a huge ship could get up as they departed FRA….
Lawrence LaRusse 1
Best plane ever, especially as configured by Emirates In business with the bar/lounge, large,windowed,toilets & two level boarding.
akebonolove 1
Great airplane, crappy airline.


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