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FAA grants temporary lightning protection exemption for the Boeing 737 MAX 7

The United States (US) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted Boeing’s petition to temporarily exempt the 737 MAX 7 from lightning protection rules. According to the FAA’s document, Boeing filed the petition on June 29, 2023, with the 737 MAX’s Development Chief Project Engineer Gary Hamatani asking the regulator to exempt the 737 MAX 7 from certain Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) requirements. The company also provided additional documents to the FAA in August 2023 to support its… ( More...

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Matt West 4
It's interesting to read that the FAA "warned that the 737 MAX 7 will not be allowed to operate beyond the exemption date without the update". I suspect the FAA or Congress will give them another free pass as they've already done after Boeing threatened to pull the plug on the -7 and -10.

It's ironic that the only aircraft requesting/requiring exemptions from the new rules put in place after the Max 8 accidents are other Max models.

The other question is whether the EASA will also give them a pass. They have appeared more reluctant to than their US counterparts.
Mike Boote 1
Good idea - make the MAX less safe!!! What the heck is Boeing thinking?
Greg S 1
If you'd read the story you'd find that it doesn't make the MAX "less safe". But hey, reading the headline tell you everything you need to know, I get it.
Mike Boote 3
What makes you think I didn't read the story? I did. I simply doubt what Boeing says. Your snark is equally silly.

linbb -7
So guess that you did not read that the part they are using works fine with a small software update? Oh forgot you are an expert on everything along with several others.
Mike Boote 4
Then why need an exemption? Sounds as if they are in compliance. BTW - your snark is silly.


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