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Farewell Bob Pardo, Hero of ‘Pardo’s Push’ in Vietnam War

Remembering Pardo's Push: On March 10, 1967, faced with a critical situation, Captain Pardo executed an unprecedented and daring maneuver known as "Pardo's Push". When his wingman's plane was severely damaged, Pardo used his own jet to physically push the stricken aircraft, ensuring both reached safety. This act of bravery and skill exemplifies the spirit of teamwork and determination. ( More...

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sweeper239 17
As a former F4 pilot in Vietnam this story was legionary. Just goes to show you what grit and determination can get you. God speed Bob ....
Stephen Donnelly 15
What a guy! RIP
Steve Krasovich 12
I knew Bob back in the eighties when he was still flying for Coors. He and my dad (F-4 FP) were friends from the Air Force and Vietnam. I have his “Pardo Push” signed by Bob proudly displayed in my bar. One hell of a guy! RIP Bob. Check six.
His "Backseater" is my wife's cousin Colonel Steve Wayne. Col. Wayne's Vietnam plane is proudly displayed in front of the American Legion post in his home town of Fairmount Indiana.
These are the courageous stories we love to hear! You are in the clouds now,RIP
avionik99 9
AHA! So that's what a Hero is!!
wigmore hoover 4
Would like to see a diagram of how this was accomplished..,
Tim Dyck 1
The physics behind it are leaning towards “this shouldn’t work” but the reality is it did work. When his wingman’s life was at stake there wasn’t time to think about the physics.
Mark Boehlen 4
Keep your nose up and your wings level. RIP
RIP sir, it takes a rare person to even think of such an idea, let alone execute it. This is the kind of innovation and problem solving we should all be inspired by.
carste10 4
Loved to read the article but the adverts were brutal.
James Simms 3
I’ve learned to ignore the adverts & hit the ‘x’ whenever pop up videos show
Doug Haviland 3
Fair winds Sir.🫡🇺🇸
CaptStephanC 4
Nicely done... thank you...
Doug Haviland 2
Fair winds Sir
Bill Rehrmann 2
RIP Sir…..Nickel…. Your six is clear
Scott Liker 2
I salute you sir. What an amazing story. I became aware of it while visiting the Tugboat bar in Steamboat Springs, CO. A true story of courage and selfless dedication to your fellow warriors. Quick thinking and grace under pressure. What an amazing man.
Dale Johnson 2
There are times and circumstances when you throw the book away and do what ya gotta do.. R.I.P. Bob.
Jack DeForrest 2
May his memory be eternal ☦️🙏
SorenTwin 3
I've always found it interesting that there were so many distinguished fighter pilots in the 60's and 70's that hailed from Texas.
Joe Alvin 1
Incredible bravery!
Mel Pollack 1
I just saw Bob recently at The River Rat Reunion in Bowling Green. There is a beautiful new model of his "Push" in the museum. His backseater Steve was a pilot training classmate of mine. I flew F-4's at DaNang and for the rest of my AF career. Rest in Peace.


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