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Burbank businessman arrested over feeding of birds near airport

The 59-year-old owner of Precise Roofing Co. in Burbank has been feeding flocks of pigeons since at least September 2010, officials say, which — beyond violating municipal code — has created a major safety hazard for jet airplanes using the nearby Bob Hope Airport as the birds' numbers have grown into the hundreds. ( More...

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alistairm 0
This fellow obviously does not have much common sense. You would think that it would not take arresting him, for him to understand the danger he is causing. When i go plane spotting at CYUL, i become a little irritated at people who leave their trash all over the place. If you live in Montreal, you know how the seaguls are here. Seaguls love to converge on trash. Not only that, but people are littering someones land, whether it be private or government owned, it's just disrespectful. I picked up 2 grocery bags full of trash 2 weekends ago. People, take your friggin trash with you!!
Ric Wernicke 0
The problem now is that even if you trap and take the birds hundreds of miles away, give them comfy statues with heated perches, they will be back in a day or so.

Maybe we can get Capt. Sully to give the pidgeon man a little education. Preferably with a 2 x 4.
preacher1 0
Sully is probably just shaking his head in disbelief about that new Garbage transfer station up there off LaGuardia they are trying to build. THAT, is a total lack of common sense, and a public exercise in TOTAL STUPIDITY, and besides that it will be dangerous.

As for this guy,Alistair says it all.
Chris Donawho 0
What an ass

Wendell Smith 0
I agree with Chris.
preacher1 0
Probably we all do!
Lee Burk 0
What about the rights of the birds!!! Don't they have the right to live wherever they want to? Don't they have the right to fly wherever they want to? This is their earth too and they have just as much right to it as humans do. Poor little birds.
preacher1 0
Lee: I hope that was intended to be totally sarcastic!!lol
linbb 0
Well I guess Lee is right and then they have the right to kill those abord an airplane because some idiot decided to feed them close to where airplanes fly.
John Hasha 0
I agree this guy no common sense at all.
wx1996 0
However New York City can build a major bird feeding station close to but legally feet outside LaGuardia’s protected space, and that is not a common sense problem? A one man feeding station attracts 10 of birds maybe a few hundred on a great day. How many thousands or birds will a garbage transfer station attract near LaGuardia? They may keep it clean for the first few months but sooner or later the birds will find food.
Jane Ford 0
Once again, greed takes over by NYC authorities. The guy in Burbank hopefully came to his senses.....but the garbage transfer station near LGA ?? How stupid is that? LGA has enough problems; I met Capt. Sullenberger -- nicest, most humble guy....he'd be appalled as Ric said above! NYC needs to re-think what they're putting in jeopardy -- lives of people!! Thank God Sully knew how to handle the dilemna! Will the next pilot be able to do the same, God forbid it happens again? USAir employee.
s2v8377 0
That's nothing!!! Compared to NYC build a garbage transfer station just off the threshold of RWY 31 at LGA. They claim the containers will be sealed and the birds will never know. Just like the garbage trains a major freight railroad operates on a train line near where I live. I can tell you in the summer months the airtight garbage cars aren't so airtight!!!

Also if this guy is such an animal lover why is he putting the birds in harms way to get hit by aircraft??? Never mind the obvious dangers to aircraft and the public.
richard weiss 0
We east coaster don't call California "the land of fruits and nuts" without cause.
preacher1 0
Years ago, we used to truck a lot of that Northeast Garbage to a KY landfill. Supposedly it would all be compacted and in big sealed poly bags. Well them big poly bags wern't sturdy at times and before long we wound up trading a BUNCH of trailers cause other shippers would not load them!!!!!!!!!
Toby Sharp 0 need to join a different website sir
Toby Sharp 0
they should deport people for being stupid. just send em all to a big island somewhere
preacher1 0
Reckon he is plumb stupid or just one of them that don't know any better. There are people around that don't know one damn thing other than what they see in front of them and most of them voted in the last election.
Roy Kizzia 0
Pigeons are not exactly the type of bird most people want to encourage in their neighborhoods. I have banged pans together to chase a tree full of grackles out of my yard. Some birds tend to congregate in large numbers and excrete large quantities of of dangerous and smelly substances. These aren't little hummingbirds, after all.


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