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Unruly child, family kicked off in Portland on Alaska flight to B.C

PORTLAND -- An unruly child put an end Tuesday evening to a plane trip by a family flying from Long Beach, Calif., to Vancouver, B.C. Port of Portland spokesman Steve Johnson said a couple’s young child refused to stay seated during an Alaska Airlines flight. Neither parents nor flight attendants were able to control the child. The pilot radioed ahead to have police waiting at the gate in Portland to remove the family of four from the plane. Officers spoke with the family but did not arrest or… ( Mehr...

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Jane Ford 0
I agree with you, Jim. Goodness, get the kid under control before the plane takes off! Why does everyone have to be subject to an unruly, out of control, tantruming kid? It's like listening to those who insist on playing their music from their vehicles so loud that when they pull up to you at a light, everyone within a 2 mile radius has to "listen" to it! Ugh! Yes, Dr Spock ruined everything....I was a child of the 50s and 60s and my parents gave us "what for" if we acted up! I got cracked with the wooden spoon on the legs many a day.....nonetheworse for it! I loved my parents for disciplining us and teaching us how to act in public. No sympathy here for the parents of this child, unless it was some kind of medical emergency; but I doubt it from the sounds of it.
jmilleratp 1
I guess some people like being beaten!
iflyfsx 1
Trying to explain to certain people that spanking is physical violence is like trying to explain evolution to a creationist.
Chris Donawho 1
Tell that to the parents of those kids in Lexington, who flipped cars over and set couches ablaze in the streets. All that destructive behavior over a damned basketball game. These are the young adults those parents raised so well with "time out."
Jim Quinn 1
I don't recall anything about a beating, rather I mentioned spanking. There is a huge difference and if I were to see a beating I'd be the first to call the authorities, John. In fact, there is a good chance I'd intervene if there was an immediate danger to the child. That is, of course, if I were able to intervene before my wife did--she's the tough one!
Chris Donawho 1
It's discipline, not beating or abuse! These two little squirts need their asses busted. Then the next flight goes off without a hitch.
Jim Quinn 1
Spank the parents! Infants? I keep earplugs with me for they are blameless. Unruly children? Usually the parents are to blame. Well, the parents and the Moron Doctor Spock who almost single-handedly destroyed this nation by instructing parents to not spank their kids in order to preserve the kids' sense of self-esteem and self-worth. He admitted he was wrong shortly before he died. What a guy! Screwed up everything then took the easy way out.
DashTrash 0
I dunno, Jim. My parents read that book and still spanked us. Worked out fine. :-)
sparkie624 2
Why were they not arrested. Not listening to a flight attendant is a major law, and if the kids cannot be controlled by the mom and dad, they are responsible. Police screwed up on this one.
DashTrash 1
Unless one of the adults took a swing at the FA an arrest isn't warranted. Non-compliance doesn't get arrested, nor should it unless what you're doing poses a risk to flight safety.


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