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11 Things We No Longer See on Airplanes

Traveling by airplane is a lot different than it used to be. And we’re not just talking about the elaborate and cumbersome security restrictions that get added every time some wacko sticks a bomb in his BVDs. There used to be a lot of amenities, but they were gradually eliminated after President Jimmy Carter signed the Airline Deregulation Act in 1978 and cost-effectiveness suddenly became a corporate concern. Here are 11 things that we never see on most commercial flights today that were common… ( More...

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dmanuel 9
What about civil and hygienic passenger seat mates? Yes they are there, but not often enough to be the rule, rather than the exception.
Ray Livesay 7
Okay friends, here's one not seen lately. I've an Eastern Airlines brochure that describes their luxury service to South America. You are invited to enjoy a cocktail each with a genuine coca leaf that afterwards you can chew and feel the exhilarating stimulation the natives of the Andes enjoy.

Mike Hill 2
Scan it and share it! Not the leaf, the brochure..... LOL
chalet 1
both actually, via FedEx rush job LIMAO
Don Mills 6
I'm old enough to remember some of the ads! However in my part of the country, the best I could muster for business travel was that old workhorse - the DC-3. Seeing the way people dressed for air travel also brought back memories. One had to "dress up", just like going to church! (In those days, at least) Thanks for a great article.
Brad Jacobson 6
How about colorful, creative liveries? (generally)
SootBox 5
Tangerine and turquoise Braniff jets!
steve rogers 10
they forgot ashtrays ,cockpit visitation ,oh and if your flying united :toilet paper .
garp 3
Regarding the banning of ashtrays and smoking material: I remember some Part 121 A&P mechanics lamenting that it would become much more difficult to spot cabin pressurization leaks without the tell-tale tar & nicotine streaks on the outside of the fuselage.
sparkie624 3
You had better believe it... That was the only good thing about cigarettes. It was MUCH MUCH easier to find pressurization leaks... But for me personally... I would rater have harder to find leaks than to have smokers.
nugget 2
Yeah, seems like a good tradeoff to me.
ToddBaldwin3 5
I miss an enoyable trans-con flight in coach.
chalet 4
Chewing gum offered by the hostesses to help withstand ear poping during climb and descend. Also the sweet smell of a mixture of 145 octane fuel and lube oil. And the top of the tops: the deafening sound -not noise mind you- produced by a couple of Pratt & Whitneys R1830-95 recip engines at full bore on the DC- 3 when taking off. Yeah, those were the days and I would give you my very own and expensive Rolex bracelets to see one again.
mrvair 3
Can you still get a deck of cards with the airline's logo ?? I remember those days...
sparkie624 1
Yes you can.... Look on EBAY. I have some from the airlines that I have worked for.
Gene Nowak 1
What is the "FEE" for those cards?
Mike Hill 3
I actually remember seeing the bar on a Boeing Stratocruiser when I was a kiddie. My Granny worked for BOAC in their Heathrow works canteen and she got my brother and I to the canteen in catering trucks for Sunday tea. Then an on duty engineer would take us onto whatever aircraft was in the hangar. For us kiddies, this was fascinating and amazing stuff.
Sharon Stewart 3
Commercial air travel now is nothing but an airborne Greyhound bus!
chalet 2
What passes now for business class is less than what Economy was say 30 years ago.
Sharon Stewart 3
Yeah. I can remember when you could take a small suitcase in the lavatory and do a complete change of clothes. Nowadays you're lucky if you even fit through the door.
Richard Skaggs 1
Well, if you're like me, the passage of time and my BMI might have something to do with this.
Sharon Stewart 2
Ha ha Richard, it's the seats and doors that got smaller! ;)
Ryan Jorgenson 3
I like #4 TABLE-SIDE MEAT CARVING -- I bet that would take a while with a plastic knive, but I would pay a little extra to bring that back.
Elizabeth Wood 1
I don't think the aisles are wide enough, today. And, God forbid you hit an air pocket! Someone could get knifed.
Michael Fuquay 4
Flight attendants in hot pants - THAT's the truth!
Jeffrey Bue 2
true dat!
Sleeping berths are on some A380, B787 & First Class sections of selected airlines
sparkie624 2
WOW, thanks for sharing... I remember much of that... But not all of it...
Mike Hill 2
Are you showing your age, just like me? lol
sparkie624 3
Ahh... Yeah.... Oh the good ole days.... And to think they say that we have progressed... Now days I think we are all too lazy and depend on way too much automation... Just watch the kids walking through the mall... They don't talk to each other... they text the person that is stand right beside of them..
Harry Rowe 2
This was really cool! I remember Southern Airways mentioned in #3 and I am from Albany, Georgia as well. The writer was very correct in its routing. The first flight of the day came from Atlanta and then went to Valdosta, GA or Dothan Al depending on the day. Subsequent flights came from the other 2 cities and then on to Atlanta.
sstuff 2
A packet of four cigarettes on every meal tray; talk about product placement, there you go.
I remember those.
Jason Feldman 2
12 things - they forgot me :(
my BP is 110 0ver 70 tyvm!
Howard Sorkin 1
Thank you
Elizabeth Wood 1
Anyone remember when the little kiddies could be taken up front and actually watch the pilot fly the plane, then he/she would get a miniature set of wings.?
Actually after banning smoking, airline maintenance crews, inspectors, mechanics had a hard time seeing stress cracks and future possible building stress cracks because the smoke residue propogated in them hence easier to see or find.
sparkie624 2
You are very true... One of the very FEW positive sides to finding pressurization leaks and cracks... But we have other, better, and more accurate ways under the classification of NDT (Non Destructive Testing).
chalet 1
Now you should see the stress cracks in the lungs of smokers LIMAO
It is obvious that you have stress cracks in your head chalet LMAO!
chalet -2
Now you are talking (BS); more LIMAO!!
you are an idiot with obvious issues....................blows thousands of tons of AIR in your face!!!!! take the parachute D**K Head I was merely pointing out a FACT. Get over yourself and I don't smoke either.
Jason Feldman 4
hey now - please don't talk like that. This is an aviation thread, there is no need to act like children. If you get this upset over this topic you need to check your blood pressure. Lets keep these forums fun for everyone, seeing hatred and anger is no fun for anyone
chalet 0
Don't worry Jason this Leighton guy seems to have smoked far too many cigarettes (LIMAO).
tell that to "chalet" I was merely pointing out the facts according to the people who are in the know. Sorry for my 1st comment then, no martyrism implied


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