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Boeing Reveals Additional Details on its Possible New Middle of the Market Aircraft

The single most important question in commercial aircraft manufacturing over the last 24 months has been whether Boeing will finally launch a new mid-sized airplane (NMA) to address the so-called middle of the market (MOM) between its Boeing 737 single-aisle narrowbodies and Boeing 787 twin-aisle widebodies. In a pre-Paris Airshow briefing last week, Boeing revealed additional details into the market opportunity and possible design attributes of the aircraft. ( Mehr...

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Cade foster 3
IMHO Boeing needs to develop and produce a MOM plane that the major airlines can not say no too.
And if that means a plane that is very similar to the B757 then so be it. And if that design with updates can get big pre sales and get to market quick then thats what Boeing should do. To those who believe that it has not look nothing like a B757 I say Boeing is loosing to much ground and a clean sheet design may take too long to get to market as Airbus continues to capture sales. Now the one caveat is if only a "clean sheet" design can produce the benefits that customers are looking for, i.e. fuel burn, etc.
djames225 5
I agree...There was nothing wrong with the 757..Boeing could take it and do exactly what Airbus did to the A321...revamp it, make it lighter and throw in fuel efficient engines..look what happened to the A321 sales when Airbus finished
Wsheffield 2
I've always thought that a composite 757 with new engines and a sleeker 787esque nose would be pretty cool, but maybe that's too close to a full redesign.
When the 787 came out, I thought Boeing could just rescale it as a narrowbody. Airbus has got the upper hand right now, so I guess Boeing is concentrating on a PR campaign, throwing out ideas including wooing existing 737 customers with another stretch and re-engine. I've heard pilots call the 739 a low rider 757.
themadDutchman 3
Just tweak and re-engine the airframe and sell it as the 757 NextGen NEO MAX, or something appropriately similar, and airlines would snap them up.
brian Gaskill 1
Which airframe...? The 87? The 757 line is gone...turning it back on would be clean sheet.
But a new ac with 87 technology and 57 characteristics (I.e., over-engine, over-winged), i believe the airlines would purchase regardless of the wait. The 321neo is fine, serves a purpose, all that...but even with its upgrade, barely has the range of the 70's designed 57, cant climb direct to cruise, carry any mail, get off the deck at those hot, high airports and, most of all, have the power to get itself out of nearly any situation imaginable.

djames225 0
Ok I don't kmow where you got your info from (and Im not either a Boeing or Airbus fanboy) but the NEO has a greater range than the 757, can climb out without issue, takeoff NP at hot high airports and has more than enough power to get itself out of situations all thanks to those CFM Leap or P&W GTF engines...the CEO hit those bumps.
brian Gaskill 2
Barely the range, is what i said (and thats with the 321lr) and the 321 does not climb direct, nor will it. And, the 321 gained zero on MTOW. But the engines are a only a part of the equation...its also the wing...Same wing. In fact, its the same wing as the 319 when it entered aervice in 1996. So, all things considered, I'd rather be on a 25yo 572 out of PHX in August than a 321 neo, when its finally flying rev. The airbus is not, in any way, overpowered. My information is absolutely accurate and i am a Boeing guy.

Truly though, My point was more to the fact that the comments implied that Boeing should "just start the 57 line back up" though you just pull the canvas tarps off the tooling, get a black plume when you turn the key and away you go. I wish!! But that just isnt possible and im not sure ya'll fully get that.


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