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Delta flight makes emergency bathroom stop in Montana

A Delta flight from New York City to Seattle had to make a stop in Billings after the plane's toilets stopped working and passengers couldn't hold it any longer. The Billings Gazette reports that the direct flight diverted hundreds of miles south on Saturday to make the emergency bathroom stop. Delta says that upon landing in Billings, the plane had to taxi to a cargo area because a gate was not available. Delta says ground crews rolled a stairway to the airplane so passengers could… ( Mehr...

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sparkie624 3
Speaking of a "Crappy" Situation... All jokes aside, working in Maintenance I can understand these issues... they are no fun...
scott8733 1
For this reason, my simple philosophy the day prior to a commercial flight:

1. No BBQ
2. No Tex-Mex
3. No French onion soup
Shenghao Han 0
Oh boy, but back in early days of aviation... you have to hold it in.


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