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Pratt and Whitney PW1000G high failure rate prompting investigations

The Indian civil aviation regulator has made a call for an urgent meeting with India's largest low-cost carriers IndiGo and GoAir. The A320neos of IndiGo and GoAir were temporarily grounded in the past several months. The number of engine failures has already exceeded thirty since June. DGCA had temporarily grounded A320neo operations in early 2018 because of the frequent PW1100G failures. With 430 orders, IndiGo is the world’s largest A320neo customer. GoAir also has 144 orders in its… ( Mehr...

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mbrews 4
- The issue of GTF high failure rates and IFSD rates is definitely NOT getting enough attention. In the industry - yes ; in the general public - no. Im not here to start a useless session of my_engine is better than your_engine. Note that, while India-based airlines have seen the highest number of incidents, (due to large fleets w/ GTF powered A320neo ), other operators have had their share of GTF problems. In the USA, both Spirit and Hawaiian use P&W GTF to power their neos
Ken Hardy 6
In my opinion, the drive by the engine OEM's to claim lower fuel burn and higher on wing reliability in a competitive market is leading to some Engineering design and material decisions that hurt reliability in the long run, if you think there are problems now just wait a few years until the design starts to age and I am saying this as a Materials Engineer with over 50 years experience in and around the Aircraft engine business involving NDT testing
carpetshoe 2
Tbh, the engine manufactures are probably learning new failure modes which will be added to the material models or at least be used to update the stress/fatigue limits that can be accepted by the material.
william baker 2
I posted something like this 4 days ago and it was down voted. WTH

Kyle Barnoff 1
I feel your pain. I posted something similar about P&W engine trends on another site... was told I was just a "concerned flyer" and shouldn't be contributing. Got no respect for any engineering or health & safety experience.
william baker 1
Chris B 0
I feel your pain Will. Trolling has landed here. Maybe Flightaware should take away the down vote.
william baker 2
Im not saying your post is wrong. I mean i was just upset it got upvoted when mine got downvoted. You did nothing wrong at all.
airuphere 1
The title of the squwak does it all.. instead of grabbing their title and opening paragraph.. write your own summary and make the title more grabbing yet accurate to the article.. your original title is a bit wordy this one has a big company name.. then a product we all recognize and then words high failure.. it’ll grab more attention.. my thoughts anyway
lynx318 -2
Isn't it remarkable, 737-MAX knocked out of the air by economy Asian airline catastrophes, now potential for catastrophe could do something similar to the opposition aircraft. This seems a little too coincidental.
I may be wrong, but the problem with these engines on NEOs prompted initial action in early 2018 - way before the Max issues. 🙏
william baker 2
Airbus is also having issues with their A320neos pitching up due to there AOA sensors. People keep saying its only Boeing but its really both aircraft manufactuers having issues here.
lynx318 3
My gammy leg is acting up, I'm feeling an airline industry storm a brewing.
paul gilpin 1
all that means is airbut's H1B coders are better than boring's H1B coders.


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