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Ravn says it’s eyeing flights to Asia and the Lower 48

Ravn Alaska’s chief executive said this week that the airline is looking to expand its service beyond Alaska to the Lower 48 and Asia, using Boeing 757 jets. The new service, Rob McKinney said in a YouTube video, would rely on some 10 new planes and fly to Tokyo, Seoul, Orlando, Newark, Las Vegas, Oakland and Ontario, a Los Angeles suburb. The operation would be called Northern Pacific Airways and fly from the underused North Terminal at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, McKinney… ( Mehr...

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steve dinnen 3
So they plan to go from puddle jumping in Alaska with prop planes to near global air service with mothballed 757s. Someone should do a medical check on that CEO.
Matthew Augustus 2
Would love to know where they are going to get 757s Delta has the youngest/ last frames produced.
Peter Fuller 1
American and United have retired or will soon be retiring their 757 fleets. Ravn could look to acquire some of those frames.
japanjeff 2
I do wonder if you could pull off an Iceland Air or WoW type operation out of ANC connecting North America to Asia.... hmm, sounds intriguing.
Spencer Hoefer 1
Anyone who wants to keep the 757 alive gets my vote. Assuming they are well maintained. The youngest airframes are now 17 years old.
Scott Campbell 1
Yea sure - not going to happen, that's all folks

Roy Hunte 1
If he's talking new planes, aircraft manufacturers may perk up their ears.
Mac Payne 1
RAVN is a known training ground for new commercial pilots, then they move on. Maybe this is no more than an effort to hang onto some of those assets they’ve invested in. To actually implement such a plan, and enter into the competition for those routes, would require optimism and funding bordering on the edge of reason. Ya reckon..?


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