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Why airport security is so slow and how the TSA and airlines are trying to fix it

Excruciating long lines are common, especially during holiday travel, as millions of people pass through TSA checkpoints every day. ( More...

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Roy Troughton 7
Government does nothing well. TSA is a prime example.
Alan Zelt -3
Medicare done very well.
Greg S 2
No, no, no.
dnorthern 2
Not really
Greg S 2
Greg S 4
Bottom line: for all the expense, intrusiveness, and unpleasantness, they just don't do a good job.
avionik99 3
Stop using the body scanners stop taking off shoes etc etc. Treat everyone as TSA pre check. Get that line moving!!!
linbb 3
Well how about those idiots who try to get knives and guns thru there not doing it then guess they could then move faster. I often wonder when someone makes a comment like yours could be they need to try doing there job instead. But sometimes people know it all.
avionik99 5
I guess they would all use TSA Precheck! So there is no security lapse if we all used precheck. Taking off your shoes is a complete joke.
ToddBaldwin3 6
Agreed. We can thank Richard Reid fir that. I’m just glad they didn’t carry through to the next illogical step after the underwear bomber failed.
dnorthern -1
Wow. You are dense. I wonder how people like you can be so foolish
Shoes off!, Belts off!, Sharp objects go in the plastic tray!!
Tony Silverstrå 1
Same shit in Sweden ARN think security hate trawelers,
braxtron 1
"test facial recognition for boarding and TSA checkpoints" is not a solution to security theater. Checking ID is not a bottleneck. Simple solution: treat everyone like pre-check and up the random checks.
William Robertson 1
Security theater. Haven’t we seen enough of this play?
rcowen 1
Saw this "new" technology in use at DTW a year ago from Smiths Detection. It was terribly slow and the company bragged about getting a TSA contract for more of them. Lots of false positives. This is progress?
paul tait 1
Once the cockpit doors were armored the TSA was redundant. Passengers now know they have to fight back or die TSA now redundant.

Stefan Sobol 0
Pretty simple solution really. Just limit the number of flights to a few per day. Space the departure times out so they are not bunched up (none of this block of flights business).

Then you can reduce the number of TSA checkpoints and staff.

Airlines can reduce their fleets and staffing.

Airlines cans charge higher ticket prices.

Flyers will not face long lines at checkpoints.

Redundant space previously used by security checkpoints can be repurposed for shopping area (e.g. duty free).

Everybody wins!


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