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Southwest Hit by Boeing’s 737 MAX Troubles

Boeing (BA) has had its share of troubles recently, particularly over the 737 MAX jet. However, new reports emerged recently that suggest one other airline may have been involved, and to a much greater degree than some would expect. ( More...

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Davif Smith 5
Thats journalism 2022 for you !
linbb -3
Well what I read nothing new all old news and besides one of the crashes was caused by Pilots doing nothing about the trim runaway. The copilot of it should not even been flying anything due to his poor performance at another airline before being hired at that one. The previous crew did exactly like they were trained, turn off the auto trim with two switches on the center pedestal. Also the airline did not preform a test flight before loading it up with pax and launching it the next day. The trim wheels both are very visible to both pilots and they ignored them. Thats on them.
patrick baker 5
what is wrong with boeing? Have the executives and board members been distracted by spending their fradulently earned bonus monies in spite of few deliveries ? Termites in the floors, rats in the walls, cockroaches scurrying about, and mold all over the walls. Renovate, remove and replace those who are responsible for the deficiencies. At once....

patrick baker 6
also, a lot of fluff and uncertainty here in the article, with hardly any blame logically affixed to Southwest in the early development of 737max. I find this article misleading, or non-leading at best.
Well, it is written by an investment advisor, taking an overall view of the business aspects and potential legal problems (with their associated costs which - in the USA - appear to be way on the far side of sensible or realistic).

I shall be boarding my first Boeing in two years, later this month. This will be one of the new 787-10 airframes delivered to BA by Boeing. Mind you, I'll be flying home on an Airbus.
linbb -2
Ho hum no substance in the articla that goes anywhere just so BS and leads to nothing ho hum.
jeff slack 3
with all due respect to your comment which in its very essence is correct; 'what is wrong with Boeing'.

However, this article is not about 'another thing' mechanically wrong with original engineering.
It is about Southwest being a launch customer and advising Boeing to remove entire sections from the training manual which resulted in 2 nosedives and all onboard being fatalities.

We each need to go beyond click headlines and read the body of the article and in this case; the article is squishy and vague going over territory that has been previously reported.

How many times do you kick a dog when it is already down?
This article is an example of one editorial journalist's ability to just do that


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