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A $23,000 plane ticket to London

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Airfares to England next weekend are sky high, but that doesn't seem to deter many tourists eager to get there in time for the Royal Wedding. ( Mehr...

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mark tufts 0
for that price i could fly first class to honolulu hawaii and spend acouple of weeks at a five star hotel on waikiki beach
preacher1 0
Might as well enjoy it from the comfort of home and my recliner. That's all that will be on the TV anyway
n111ma 0
Oh how jolly lovely. There's nothing like special catering to commemorate the wedding of the century including champagne, cupcakes and chocolate! I think that the late Sir Freddy Laker would be puking right about now! I know I am :-@
UpsidedownFlyer 0
My Alernative: A First Class flight to Las Vegas. A corporate suite w/ dedicated housekeeper. Watch the ceremony from the comfort of my private pool-side cabana in Vegas while enjoying a cooked-to-order breakfast, followed by a deep muscle massage from an "A" list beauty recommended by the lead concierge. I'll check in Thursday night....depart Sunday afternoon and pay half the price of the $23,000 plane ticket mentioned in the headline...and give the other half (approximately $11,000) to a very deserving charity right here in the good old U-S-of A. Cheers!
Ric Wernicke 0
Never believe what you read from the communist news network (CNN.) Always check Kayak for ticket prices. Continental is selling a roundtrip non-stop from LAX-LHR (on a United bird) for $9455. all in.
preacher1 0
That's still a lot of money

Chris Bryant 0
Gotta go with Wayne on that one. It's a boatload of money to piss away on something I don't care one iota about in the first place.
preacher1 0
I wish I had that kind of money to piss away. Just getting tight in my old age I


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