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Airlines Fear Pilot Shortage Amid New Federal Safety Rules

The head of the Regional Airlines Association notes the new regulation is roughly triple the number of hours many commuter airlines require today, and he says it will mean lots of otherwise qualified pilots won't be able to get jobs. ( Mehr...

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Roland Dent 3
Wunnerful idea...the forgers will love this.
Just hire illegals. They don't need no stinkin' license! I'm sure the FAA will give them exemptions. 3 landings, 3 take offs in a 150 ought to be good enough for the right seat. Remember, it's ok because they only do jobs Americans won't. Lol
sparkie624 0
I see you point... What is the worst that will happen to them... If they get caught, they deport them, they come back and start doing it all over again.
You got the program sir!
sparkie624 2
What are they going to do when there are plenty of planes and no crews.
Toby Sharp 2
And they wanna raise the requirements!
preacher1 1
The Colgan crash was a major incident and is not to be downplayed by any means. All the hooplah that came out of it regarding pilot training is well and good. That said, another 1000 hours or so is not necessarily going to raise experience level in a particular Aircraft type. Most required training can be gained in 500 hours or way less. Should one be able to afford it, that additional 1000 hours could be spent circling in a C150, gaining not 1 iota of time in a CRJ or dash 8, and having lost a good portion of original training by it not really being current. We have nowhere near the stringent rquirements to get a regular driver's license or a CDL that we have to get a pilot's license, yet on that same day of the Colgan crash, there were 300+ traffic fatalities across the country. No outcries were raised on these because they weren't all in one place at one time, but dead is dead and somebody was at fault in each one. Congress has jumped in here where they have no expertise instead of leaving it to the FAA and/or people that know. IMHO
JD345 2
Clearly this regulation was written by a JD and not an ATP. Too often that's the pattern. Something bad happens, Congress responds by railroading some legislation through so they can brag about how bipartisan they are in the next election cycle, and three election cycles later when nobody cares anymore, the legislation takes effect and causes problems that they can solve with another layer of legislation.
Roland Dent 1
Excellent point W. In my view basic flying and some class room work are all that is needed..and I am talking HS physics here...that would be the way forward.

Of course a lot of people in aviation have their egotistical heads so far up their own jacksies that they have convinced their peers that they are minor deities.

As you know I am an engineer and not a pilot. The ignorance I read on forums at times leads me to believe that there are a lot of wannabes on these forums.

Then again I have been banned of most of 'em because I don't lick ass. Two of em are Pprune and the Aviation Herald. Three of us on Pprune made a hell of a lot of progress in seeking out that T972 Qantas accident in Changi.

No longer can errant and incompetent management put innocent lives at risk. It is called the Internet folks..use it!
sparkie624 1
Tombstone rulings... Just look at the FAA... They are full of them. Someone has to die to get a new law..
The current state of affairs confirms just how incompetent and corrupt our modern day government has been. They have governed the country into a shambles beginning about 1960 continuing to this very hour. . The FAA is no exception as they take their queues from the hierarchy. In order to pay for votes or just to make it look like they are doing something they mindlessly pass/create tens of thousands of pieces of legislation and rules at all levels that cure nothing and only add to the chaos. I venture to say there is not a business of any type that completely complies with all laws and regulations no matter how hard they try. The best airline in the country is in noncompliance of something every minute of the day. Anybody with a private pilots license knows that just hours in a logbook have very little bearing on the fitness for a particular flying mission. Flying my single engine airplane 10,000 hours isn't going to make the transition to heavy iron any different than the guy with 500 hours.
High time pilots kill themselves often flying unfamiliar aircraft.
tim mitchell 1
I like the last paragraph the best and I don't mind being away from home.....Show me the money and the contract.
Watch Dog 1
"We have a lot of our newly trained, nearly certificated pilots coming out of school and going overseas because the pay is better there. We haven't seen that before," Moak says.

Why don't they explain that in all actuality the vast majority of UND's flight program students are from foreign countries, namely China.
The key was stated in this article, it is inadequate training, not necessarily 1500 hours. The training and fatigue of the pilots needs to be looked into. With this law, regionals will have to raise their pay or else they wont have pilots making it more expensive to fly.
s2v8377 1
I'd be happy to see the work go back to mainline airlines and aircraft.
preacher1 1
Wouldn't we all, and probably, maybe not in our lifetime, it probably will, maybe.
Harry Freeman 0
I am about a month away from obtaining my instrument rating and then I shall go onto my multi before attending FIT in the fall so I can get my degree. The 1,500 hour requirement really does make you wonder though. Luckily for me I am a british citizen so I might just move back home and try my luck with the cheap european airlines once I am done with everything.
preacher1 3
I can't tell you what to do, BUT, personally I would go ahead and finish my instrument and get the multi engine. Reason being is that you really can't do much without the ME and while a good possibilty, that 1500hr rule is not the law of the land YET, but with the ME you might at least get something to do for a low hour pilot. Even if you did go back home you will still need it.That said, the degree can't be totally overlooked either.


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