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British Airways ‘turning into Ryanair’ as first class passengers are the latest to lose perks

British Airways has come under fire from both staff and customers as concern grows that cutbacks at the flag carrier are damaging its “elite” brand. Disgruntled cabin crew have provided a list to management of recent changes they say are diminishing the carrier’s reputation, the Sunday Times reported, including the loss of first-class perks, such as free amuse-bouches with customers’ first drink, no more fresh flowers in the first class toilets, and the downsizing of complimentary washbags... ( Mehr...

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fred homer 1
I have flown 3 times on the British Airways " Ryanair " flights with M&S catering in 2017. On all 3 food ran out so those in the back could only buy sweets or crisps. Cabin staff say BA are doing this on purpose so they don´t lose money on wastage...Frankly, given the choice , I would fly Ryanair...and I never thought I would say that !


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