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(Video) Terrific new BA ad - To Fly. To Serve.

"See how these four words have guided us in the past and will lead us in to the future" ( Mehr...

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One of the best airline commercials ive ever seen...very impressive.
Isma Mal 0
its only the "to fly. to serve" which is not really the best promo.
But the video ROCKS!
Mike Barbato 0
Wow. SO nice to see an ad that focuses on pilots for once.
zennermd 0
One of the best ad's I have ever seen.
hardworker7 0
That is a terrific ad! Great message for airlines in general, but of course, esp. for Speedbird.
dmanuel 0
It sort of makes one pity those that are not pilots.
mark tufts 0
the video is neat
lunaj91 0
Just an awesome video!
Daniel Baker 0
I recommend clicking on the "HD" logo and watching it in 1080, full screen.
rj sullivan 0
Yes, but how about bringing back the royal crest logo which featured "To FLY to SERVE" logo. Nothing better than the understated elegance which was plastered on the tails of their 747s.
Brad Be 0
VERY well done!
John Crechiola 0
This was great
- Rapide vidéo, de beaux avions, de l'histoire, il manque plus que le service en plus.
- A quand un LONDRES-NEW-YORK à 500 euros A/R ?
Serge Beauchemin 0
Vous avez raison!
Steve Jelovcich 0
That is a excellent production good commercial
Serge Beauchemin 0
Super beau commercial... Image impeccable!
h j seaman 0
Good grief! Look at 1:24 in the video. Both pilots facing each other, gabing away, while on a collision course with the jet visible thru the windshield. Didn't anyone at BOAC catch that?
Martin Watssman 0
great ad. Pity about the airline.
Donny Malinoff 0
Captivating, Powerful, love it!
Ellen Hansen 0
Stunning. Too bad AF has never had the foresight to produce something actually meaningful. Just saw their ad on CNN USA. Like so many previous ones it has no bearing on the industry whatsoever. They never understood that avant garde means nothing to the masses even though the employees tried so hard to convince the powers that be in PAR.
Keonikamakana 0
Great mission statement...few words, says a mouthful. Elegant video.
Jeffrey Johnson 0
A work of art!
Richard Bentley 0
Great editing. It really showed the history and the future, Great collection of aircraft footage, It appeared they started the engines on some of the vintage planes. Very good
Richard Bentley 0
Great editing job, It was wonderful to see the footage of the older planes. They were used very effectively to tell their story.
Brian Karic 0
Video... Brilliant production BA let's hope this starts a trend. Tag line... no comment.
Gary R. 0
That's one kick ass ad! Hats off to you Speedbird!
geo yelk 0
Anyone taken in by this jingoistic ad. needs to take a long look at themselves. Ba still suffers from disenchanted aircrew, bad food, tired aircraft, and terminal 5 heathrow. All to be avoided. As for the ad, what has Concorde got to do with 2011? Try Ethiad/Emirates/Air Malaysia even Singapore. All in a different league to BA.
Peter Allum 0
Woohoo!! What a fab ad !!
Clive Clifford 0
A brilliant reminder of how Britain led the world in commercial aviation. Unfortunately a succession of foreign CEO's have consistently denigrated the word British, removed a proper Union Jack from the fuselage (remember Margaret Thatcher putting her handkerchief over the 'new look' miss mash of colours on the tail fin of a model of one of the BA fleet). and achieved appalling staff and customer relationships. The result has been to make BA an also run airline which is not the favourite airline of UK residents let alone that of the world.
Herb Fischer 0
Clive, this is a terrific ad. How many times does a TV Ad make one a bit misty eyed? BA (and, of course, BOAC, BEA, BCal, etc.), are/were all great operations. The Aviation World owes the Brits, as well as the French, Italians, Germans, etc., a great deal- but I have a two letter answer to your assertation that "Britain led the world in commercial aviation".... Pan Am
David Aldrich 0
very nice
Randy Quinones 0
Great Commercial. From Past to Present. I like it!
David Restrick 0
It's a great video. Terrific for aviation historians. The "making of" video is equally excellent.
vulcansunray 0
Wonderful ad - should be (repeated) compulsory viewing for the entire QANTAS Board and senior management!
vulcansunray 0
Wonderful ad - should be (repeated) compulsory voting for the entire QANTAS Board and senior management!!
Mark Anderson 0
WOW, gives me chills to see the BA Concorde!!!!

SkyVoice 0
Absolutely incredible!! Even my fingernails have goose bumps!!!

I would that flying would be this inspiring today . . . and sometimes, IT IS!
Joseph Burlas 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

British Airways Commercial (Tribute to Aviators)

Despite being last years advertisement I found this to be a tribute to every aviator as it depicts a lineage of airmen from the old mail service carriers to the modern day line pilot. Enjoy!


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