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Tickets for the Boeing Dreamliner 787 auctioned for $31,000

If you are not familiar with ANA 787 Boeing’s Dreamliner flight, you will now. Recently at an auction on eBay a pair of tickets for the inaugural flight was sold for a record AU $32,700 (US $31,000 ). The first inaugural flight of ANA 787 Boeing Dreamliner flight is scheduled to take off from Japan’s Narita International Airport to Hong Kong International Airport and return back the next day. The auctioned package along with the two business class tickets also includes accommodation in Hong… ( Mehr...

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the cost of those tickets could yield me a PPL and part of my CPL
Kole Johnson 0
Could you Non-rev this flight?
Isma Mal 0
and there are so many kids hungry without money in the US...
Who says money can't buy you love and happiness???
mark tufts 0
one years salery on a pair of round trip tickets going from japan to hong kong look at what that money could b used for like going to a food pantery
Alexander Chiker 0
I'm actually shocked it ended that low. Anyone remember that English bloke that paid something like 100k GBP in a similar auction for a pair of 1st class tickets on the first A380 flight?
Scott Campbell 0
I think some of you have been hanging out with the Wall Street protesters! This flight IS for charity. Besides, what is the difference between $31,000, $3,100 or $310? Let people do what they want with their money.

See this post:’s-inaugural-boeing-787-dreamliner-flight/

>>All proceeds of both auctions will be donated to two charitable non-governmental organizations, OISCA-International and Conservation International Japan (, to support their environmental conservation activities.
The organizations have been chosen to mark the environmental credentials of the new eco-friendly Boeing 787.
You're right that people should do what they want with their money, but in these hard economic times, it would be better to fill a hungry child's stomach than donate to some of these enviromental organizations who seem to care more about their names in the spotlight. Kind of like Al Gore and his 1960's era gas guzzling, smoke belching Gulfstream 2!!!
Curt Rowe 0
I'll wait for the economy tickets...
Stephen Mellor 0
Thank you Mark Cassidy Cassidy. A lone sane voice ...
Stephen Mellor 0
Thank you Mark Cassidy. A lone voice of sanity ...
Why do you think his is the only sane comment??? Seems like you're one-sided too...
Jeff Carey 0
How do I get my non-profit involved?
I be Capt.Jones and F.O. Maximov can get a seat on this trip. It is likely not going to be full!!


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