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Full flights, small seats make passengers grumpy

Private researchers who have analyzed federal data on airline performance say it's not surprising that passengers are irritated. Carriers keep shrinking the size of seats in order to stuff more people into planes. ( Mehr...

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Toby Sharp 9
Wonder how much money they wasted in studying this............
Michael Fuquay 5
Exactly what I was thinking. It took researchers to figure that out?
indy2001 2
If you take the time to read the article, the same objective airline comparison has been done for 23 years using publicly-available information. All of the data is available from the DOT's "Air Travel Consumer Report". No subjective surveys were used. The report's authors are professors at Purdue and Wichita State, so there was no cost to you unless you live in Indiana or Kansas. BTW, the full report is available at
Toby Sharp 11
I'm not gonna take the time to read that article. I don't need to stick my hand in a fire to tell you it's gonna be hot.
AccessAir 3
MimosaDrive 2
Ben Deneweth 2
This "report" basically uses on-time percentage and a bunch of smaller statistics that largely don't matter to customers when booking a ticket and are very small percentages of passengers (like IDB's and DOT-reported mishandled bags). It's largely just a re-iteration of DOT on-time statistics and completely worthless. Also, I don't know what the article is talking about, but there hasn't really been any effort by any US airlines lately to "cram" more customers into planes (outside of spirit, which isn't even in this report). In fact American and Delta removed seats in order to add extra legroom seats and United expanded economy plus to all the former Continental aircraft.
Ric Wernicke 2
I think the headline is wrong. The seats are too big; it's the chairs being too small that makes everyone grumpy.
ltcjra 2
We have had a discussion on the blog before about good and bad of deregulation. I don't like government control or interference but airlines had gone overboard in customer service. I read yesterday that Delta once served 28 cities in the south. Now they only serve 11. And did you see the article about making lavs smaller to accommodate more seats?
Toby Sharp 3
The lav is the most important seat on that plane, you would have one big stinkin airline!


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