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Saker S-1 Personal Fighter Jet

If you've got a few extra bills burning a hole in the pockets of your flight suit, err cargo shorts, and you don't feel like waiting in line for a G6, it might be time to consider pre-ordering a Saker S-1 Personal Jet ($7,000,000). Sure, it's a bit on the pricey side, but you can't put a cost on the time you'll save traveling across the country at Mach .99. (With a 5,000 hour TBO on the engines and an operating cost of $2 per nautical mile, it's actually pretty… ( Mehr...

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chalet 3
Oh no, the damn thing is too slow for my taste, so I'll stick to my Piper TriPacer LIMAO!!
Toby Sharp 1
More time to look at stuff as it SLOWS by!
Toby Sharp 2
I'd find better planes to buy with my 7 mil than that
madtrader 2
I wonder what the range is at the Mach 0.95 cruise.
josh homer 1
Oh wow! What kind of rating would a person need to fly this? These would be cool at one of those simulated dogfight places.
Ruger9X19 2
Certifications for this would include:
1) Minimum of private pilot certificate with the following
2) Instrument rating- if you want to fly over 10,000ft. (you kind of have to in this)
3) Type rating- Turbojet engines require a type rating for the specific aircraft.
4) Multiengine rating- Since it's engines are in the fuselage most likely if you get your multiengine rating in this aircraft you will be restricted to centerline thrust multiengine aircraft.
I think that covers everything.
madtrader 2
I don't think you necessarily need an instrument rating to fly above 10,000 feet. 18,000 is where Class A starts.
Ruger9X19 2
You are correct sir. I meant to type 18,000ft thanks for the correction.
At least a private multi with a type rating. More than likely will need an instrument for the altitudes that you'll want to cruise at, and you can probably get an insurance break for a commercial as well with a few hundred (maybe thousand) hours ;)


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