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Aeros with Josh (VIDEO)

A pilot takes a passenger that is afraid of flying up for some aerobatic maneuvers... ( Mehr...

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josh homer 7
As a Josh myself, we're not all wussies! I'd have loved the hell out of that.......after the barf bag and schoolgirl screams.
James Carlson 2
Looks like great fun to me ... but if it's not staged, and he really was "afraid of flying," this looks like a great way to make sure that someone who might one day have enjoyed GA absolutely never will.
bruce bailey 2
As a promoter of aviation, I think this event is the worst of the worst.
Jeremy Kudlick 1
That looked like fun.
Robert Minor 1
Great video!
ynot ssor 1
I always ask the pilot if I may leave a few gallon-sized ziplock bags in any aerobatic aircraft I work on, and have yet to hear a "no".
Lauren Lulich 1
It was amazing~! Quite hilarious~!
Martin Connor 1
Anybody know where they were flying. Scenery looked spectacular.
ynot ssor 2
The details listed on the youtube site answer the question, i.e.:

2. We're flying out of Christchurch, New Zealand
Martin Connor 1
Dah! Thanks for that.
w559jd1 -1
Idiotic move. Now I'm sure that guy can't wait for his next small airplane ride. Let's just hope this was staged.
Rob Harrison 0
Ol' Josh is a pretty good stick! Come on out to California, Josh, we'll work on that tailslide. Rob the "Tumbling Bear" (Go to

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Daniel Sallee 5
That reg is only applicable in the USA. They are not flying here.
Robert Allen 5
Why is there always someone who posts a regulation whenever there is a cool aviation video? Are you practicing for a job as an FAA inspector or something?
Ben Lillie 0
I know right? I mean, aviation videos aren't cool unless they violate some regulation.
ynot ssor 0
A "raw" video is a simple form of documentation, but anything you'll see online is at the very last edited to create an impression of one kind or another ... legally, even youtube's transcribing as a flash video "flv" constitutes editing. Any youtube video legally presented has been "edited", so relax a bit please.
JetMech24 0
He meant aviation videos aren't cool unless they are showing a regulation being violated, not that the video itself violates a regulation.
Maybe because it's all fine and good for our viewing pleasure, until "that" passenger is injured or pisses his/her pants, and sues. I get the irritation, but felt the need to take a stab at to why they post regs.
ynot ssor 1
It would be very entertaining to hear anyone file a lawasuit because [s]he "pisses his/her pants".
I agree...referring to the well-known epidemic of certain folks in America going legal for ridiculous accusations of "injury". Only need to pick up a paper and sure to find an example. I'm guessing TedTimmons was unaware the flight was in New Zealand when he posted his reg.
If I was to die in a plane doing those stunts - so be it. I would take my chances in that plane, as well as most other dangerous activities - I only regret that the Space Shuttle is no more. You give me 50/50 on a flight on the Shuttle...strap me in. The damn lawyers and law makers ruin everyones fun - Shit, just look at all the kick ass Red Bull events that happen everywhere but in the US....
ynot ssor 0
You might also wish to read (d) where it states the limitations of (c) which you quoted. Did (c) or (d) apply in this case? Did the flight even occur under FAA jurisdiction?
btweston 0


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