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Putting the X on the Boeing 777

As the 1000th Boeing 777, the second most popular wide-body commercial airliner rolls out of the Everett assembly plant of Boeing, Boeing is working hard to design a new variant of this 20 year all-computer designed legend. The Boeing 777X will contain potentials to be stretched (in range and length), to be more fuel efficient, and have folding wing (to fit in more tightly packed taxi way for its enormous wingspan). ( Mehr...

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Fritz Steiner 2
The Triple Seven is my all time favorite. First time I experienced one was in 1999 -- a British Airways 777-200. I thought it would be almost impossible to improve on that, but it turns out that it was. Most recent experience was an Air New Zealand 777-300ER. Unbelievable !!!

And now Boeing's "Putting the X" on the "Triple". I can hardly wait for the deliveries to begin.
Kmon George 2
We wud like to have it at Dubai airport one of these days.BRAVO Boeing !!
zulu44 1
The 777 is my very favorite of all. I want one for Christmas!
99NY 1
I'm surprised it's taken so long for the folding wing concept to come off of aircraft carriers and into commercial aviation.
Yazoo 4
The folding wing has been around. It was offered on the first 777's. The ROI is not there once you consider the added cost for that option. You also have the increased operating costs to carry all that extra weight, and maintenance. Lastly you have to sell a folding wing to the traveling public. It's cheaper to re-paint a ramp, survey possible taxiway obstacles, or limit the aircraft to certain jetways.
Jason Feldman 1
Nice - I can't wait to fly it. I still have a stronger love affair with the 747's, but the 777 is a very close 2nd. It definitely would not be "slumming it" to be flying the 777's - and of course we all will want to be on the X now. That page was really informative too. :)
Geraldo Melo 1
Wll zulu44. For Christmas? Make it 2, please
Karl Scribner -1
Linked article is quite old, mentions March 12 as the date of the roll out of the 1000th 777 then goes on to mention a probable late 2012 launch of the conceptual 777x. I thought this was a current events web site not a history lesson.
I surely hope things take a turn for the better. It seems as the current political types around the world are trying to eliminate Boeing products from their fleets. I also do not like these attempts to keep Boeing from using non union labor. Is Boeing on its way out?


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